From left: Apeman & Benny D do their thing

Dj Apeman impresses at Rouge hip-hop launch – Words by Tha' Puzzle

The night started out calm, but later Got Hip-hoply groovy. Last Tuesday(12 august) Club Rouge officially Launched its Hip-hop Night that will see lots of hip-hop activity, including majorly battle rap between Ugandan Hip-hop artists and visitors from abroad will be happening every Tuesday.” It will be an exhilarating experience for all that love hip-hop music "explained Templar on behalf of the Rouge Proprientors. Meanwhile the Highlight of the Night was Guest Dj Apeman. The UK Based Ugandan Dj showed his muscle when he made entrance to the club you could clearly tell the difference between his Dj styles as it exuded lots of professionalism. How he managed to keep the revelers on their feet is still a mystery but all the hip-hop tracks he sampled seemed to go down well with the crowd he played the likes of Tupac Shakur, Dr. Dre, Outkast, The Notorious Big, Busta Rhymes and from Uganda he sampled the likes of lyrical G, GNL, Lethal and others. Drinks were on the House and Shadrak, Platinum entertainment's CEO kept guests company with lots of witty remarks about the night. Equally in high spirits were Templar (Rouge proprietor) Lyrical G, GNL Who spent most of the night in a lady's company (GNL is that your.......?).

From left: Apeman & Wyclef Jean

Dj Apeman truly showed that Djing can be entertaining too when he did his scratches from all directions as the crowd cheered him on. It should also be remembered that when Wyclef showed up at Rouge for a party and Listened to Apeman play, he praised his Dj art form as Phenomena. Apeman also has mix tapes that his fans are already enjoying on the market. Also visibly present in the house was long time Dj Chris from club Pa-Lui. He kept a low profile by keeping seated all the time. By 2.00am the House was now packed with hip-hop enthusiasts who cheered on as jam after jam was sampled. Templar says in two weeks time expect official battle raps at the night. Apeman came into the country when all the people could talk about was Shiru, everywhere that Apeman goes he leaves an impression and his mixtapes too. If you have not got one hurry up to Rouge and get one, they are free of charge.