Dj Baby Love silently makes impact by Tha' puzzle

With Uganda’s hectic music industry schedules, it is quite easy to miss out and consequently not pay attention to some industry talent and hence many recording artists Dj's and many other stake holders still lay in the shadows with no recognition and media lime light at all. You could blame it on their laxity to try and make their art known or some sort of deliberate dedication by scribes to particular artists. But whatever the case may be one only has to pay sincere attention to some individuals just to find out who they really are when it comes to their art.

One such individual is the hunky, visibly reserved DJ Baby Love who I have been watching play over the years. His effortless mixing skills have over the years won him the hearts of many revelers and when he's rotating hits on the turn tables you can tell the crowd is quite comfortable with his craft. Besides mixing, he’s a scratching wizard who'll intimidate those around him by vigorously scratching out a particular track into another with flowing ease. No wonder some times revelers just cannot help it but just watch him perform his live magic. Now, on the Ugandan Dj scene when one lands an invite to start playing at top clubs like Angenoir discotheque then its safe to assume that they are "on point" Djs. Because its known to all the "Uncle charlie"(Charlie Lubega) Angenoir discotheques proprietor minces no words when it comes to quality and thus hiring the best of the best Djs in the land.

The youthful DJ Baby love recently landed an opportunity to play for Angenoir discotheque and is enjoying every time of it. On a daily basis you'll find him playing at Simon Rusoke's sports bar The Link in Wandegeya (Kampala suburb) which mostly houses the corporate working class and some university students that find it convenient to hang around their campus. Baby Love also plays at the new blue Haze bar located along lumumba Hall  Avenue.

Music Uganda caught up with him for a low down on his art as a respected disc Jockey. 

Musicuganda; So For how long have you been Djing?
Baby Love; For close to six years now. I used to listen to a lot of other dj's like Shiru and I managed to master my craft.

MU; So what makes one a crowd favourite Dj?
BL; It’s simply about practicing. You have to know what the crowd deserves and loves.