Down this Road I Walk

Like the music industry, the film industry is growing rapidly. A new film titled “Down this Road I walk” is yet to be launched.  It is directed and written by Mariam Ndagire. It will be launched on the 21st December at Theatre La Bonita.

Film: Down this road I walk

Scriptwriter and director: Mariam Ndagire

Cast: Mariam Ndagire, Wycliff Luyombya, Jennifer Busulwa and Michael Wawuyo .

Showing at: Theatre La Bonita December 21

THAT the few Ugandan movies that have been released so far are modelled after Nigerian films is regrettable. Mariam Ndagire’s new film, Down This Road I Walk, the actress -cum-scriptwriter-cum-director’s first full length feature film is trying to change that, and with impressive results.

Catherine (Sheila Ategyeka) a student has dreams of marrying her high school sweet heart Fred (Jonan Kisibo). But her father Kateregga (Wawuyo Michael) has bigger plans. He is marrying her off and his choice of suitor happens to be the rich and famous, but troubled Charles Begumisa (Wycliff Luyombya), a man currently being hotly pursued by his relentless Ghanian ex-girlfriend from London. As if that is not bad enough, Begumisa’s mother (Mariam Ndagire) is hot on his case to get married fast. She wants a grand child.
Kateregga, insists on the marriage because he sees this as their only way out of their pauper life. Catherine’s mother (Jennifer Busuulwa) tries to make her daughter understand that African women don’t choose their husbands but Cathy is determined to stand her ground, fight for her life and to fulfill her child hood dreams

DOWN THIS ROAD I WALK; Cast and crew

Production Crew

Director and Writer                              Ndagire Mariam

Director of Photography                       Chris Nomad

Sound/Visual Editor                              Wycliff Luyombya

Assistant Director/Producer                  Catherine Nakalembe

Costumes and make up             Sarah Kagabane

Lights/ Gaffer                                        Busuulwa Henry

Location manager/Set designer  Billy Kaye


Cathy Nakimbugwe                              Prossie Sheila Ategyeka

Fred Twase                                          Jonan Kisibo

Suzan Twase                                        Mauryn Jolly Nankya

Mr. Kateregga                                      Wawuyo Micheal

Mrs. Kateregga                                    Busuulwa Jennifer

Mrs. Twase                                          Irene Kiiza

Begumisa Charles                                 Wycliff Luyombya

Gilda                                                    Ndagire Mariam

Charlie Junior (baby)                            Mohsen Mutabingwa

Senga                                                   Nakamatte Flavia

Paul Kateregga                         Mubiru Faisal

Elizabeth Roberts                                  Esther Jacum

Chloe (TV host)                                   Nakalembe Catherine

Sarah (Receptionist)                             Nanfuka Rehma

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