Meet “The Dream Galz”

The Dream Galz  are a sexy, charisma, modest musical talent, the girl band was created in 2003 by two would-be managers who advertised for girls to form an all-girl group, with a cardinal goal of giving pre-teen girls an opportunity to develop and earn from their talent.

By October 2006 the group received maiden recognition for their two singles Genda okoleand Nsanuuka subsequently earning them a Pearl of Africa Music Awards nomination in the Best New category, in January 2007 two of the original members opted for solo careers.

With one of the original members remaining the group re-branded with vibrant talent and recorded an album with two hot singles Weekend and Jiggy. The album has earned them a magnitude of fans and corporate recognition.

The girlz have had an opportunity to tour with Bell’s PAM Awards, Uganda Waragi’s mix a millions promo, Pilnser Lager Stage to fame promo, MTN’s Radio Simba’s Ekiggunda and NBL-CBS FM’s Ekitobeero to mention a few.

They have also shared the same stage with Mafikizolo when they performed in Uganda, Brick and Lace and Kevin Lyte.


East Africa’s latest all girl live sensational.


Music targeted at to day’s dynamic population, ie our album was carefully selected to consider all classes. Jiggy is urban youth, Weekend cuts across all classes.


Fresh Young producers who highlight and represent the audience’s tastes and preferences. These are fresh producers who have been trained with a touch to satisfy today’s dynamic audience, ie Tony Houlz(PAM Awards nominee 2007) Kiwaani, Abalungi Balumya by Bobi Wine Kube, Fire Anthem by East African Bashment Crew,, Paddy Man, Mama Mbire, Gheto, Sigwe Osimira and Eddy Yawe (Audio Producer 2006) professional sound engineer.


The group has been in operation since April 2003 and so far have realized their debut album, we have mostly been concentrating on building fan base, and our focus group surveys indicate that our mixed album genre cuts across all age groups. The group’s two lead singles Weekend and Jiggy have attracted many fans.

Our short term goals are to secure an appall space and recognition in the market arena which we are glad has worked, promote our album and videos.

Long term goal is to be a fully equipped all live girl band in Uganda, East Africa.


Dream Galz is a new a brand totally attached to Dream Studios Kampala, Uganda. The biggest and most popular recording power house in East and Central Africa; however, it gets back-up support (Promotional, Management and Booking) from the well established Emma Carlos a Talent Agency which has been around for over five years.


They are skilled performers.

They are readily available 24 hours a day.

They are very creativity, they write their own songs.

They are passionate about what they do which brings out the best of them.

They are professionally managed which gives them appall time to be creative.

They have access to a recording studio 24 hours a day which creates continuity.

“Leila” leaves Dream Gals

It looks like girl groups and bands in the country are undergoing serious changes. First it was Obsessions, then Blu 3, then Obsessions again now it is the Dream Gals. All these groups have been able to bounce back stronger than before.We have the rumours now is is official, Leila (first from the left) one of the members of the 3-woman band "Dream Gals has left the group a few weeks ago due to some misunderstandings with the top management. Leila is currently working on a solo project.