Dro, the hip hop artist by Isaac ssejjombwe.

After spending most of his life abroad, Dro is a household name in the UK especially in the fashion and production world. Being the proprietor Hyve records and Gradous fashions, the 28 year old is striving at becoming Africa’s best in the music world.

So who’s Dro?
Ummm Dro is a 28year old Ugandan UK based artist and proprietor Hyve records which has just opened up a sister branch in Uganda having the main branch in the UK.

What does Hyve records do?
Hyve records is a promotions and entertainment company with artists like Dirty shillings, Dr Gizard, Chicago among others. We also do Filming, videos productions and designing.

What are your full names?
Deogracious Adroni.

What’s the genre of your music?
I do kututa which in Lunyolo means fast rapping but you can as well call it hip hop.

When did you join the music industry?
I joined the music industry in 2005 with Kayisekiwe as my first single.

What are you involved in besides music?
I’m also into fashion Designing and my label is known as Gradous based in the UK.
So who inspired you to join the music industry?
Well I grew up listening to Snoop but my greatest inspiration is my uncle Frank Byate who’s currently doing church music.

What message do you deliver in your songs?
With every one singing about love, the message in my songs is basically day-to-day life.

How many songs do you have?
I have four songs namely Kaiskiwe, on top of the game, ready for this and Ebyana Ebirungi plus three collabos one with Underfire from Ghana.
What’s life like for a musician in the UK?
We sacrifice a lot in the music industry without recognition from our home country.
But with hard work and perseverance, we are able to juggle work and music.

What collaborations are you looking at in the near future?
I’m looking at working with Delax based in the UK, GNL, Navio and then Abdu Mulasi.

What’s the future like for Dro?
The hottest Hip hop artist in Africa and perhaps the biggest fashion designer.

Any last words to your fans?
Well I appreciate the love they’ve showed me through the years and keep supporting and listening to hyve crew.