East World to launch Foda

Well, while I was at Sabrina's Pub yesterday, I happened to bump into the flyer you see above. Being in a pub, it was hard to keep a delicate piece of paper un creased but looking at the results that my scanner has brought forth above, looks like I succeeded.

East World are the group that brought you that hit 'Foda' which took Kampala airwaves by storm a couple of months ago. This track earned the group three PAM awards on 2nd October this year and they are going to thank their fans and for their support when they launch FODA at Sabrina's Pub on 3rd December 2004. I thought is was rather strange to launch a track after it has bagged a couple of awards cause that would imply that we were listening to it and awarded it illegally strange, isn't it?

They won an award for best video for this song which went to prove that what matters is how you plan the video shoot and scenes to make it interesting while you deliver a message not the amount of money you spend shooting and editing. They beat other nominees like 'Nod ya head' by The Obsessions.

When I saw the poster above, I remembered that I had one of these

Thought I told you guys that songs in Lusoga hit a couple of days ago. Look at the list: Okunsunasuna, Obangaina, Ntemele mboli and of course Foda. Other artists from Busoga are going to perform that night too: These are Menton Krono & Mega Dee and Tom Doobs & Tom Day of Howzit (also PAM award winners). Others on the performance roster are Haruna Mubiru, Winnie Munyenga. The entrance fee shall be 10,000/- for ordinary tickets and 20,000/- for VIPs.

The Guest of Honor shall be non other than Rt. Hon Rebecca Kadaga, the Deputy Speaker of Parliament.

Come and support these young men this Friday.