Up-close with Princess Faridah Zalwango Ndausi

Music Uganda recently met Princess Faridah Zalwango Ndausi and she tells us about her love for singing, acting and radio presenting. Faridah born in Muyenga prefers to describe herself as hardworking and confident.


She prefers to call herself a new artist. She started her musical career about two years ago and was inspired by Mariam Ndagire. She started with singing slow music but later found out that it could not for her very well. She later ventured into dancehall music.

She met Bella, a good friend of hers and decided that she should taste the dancehall waters. Her music is produced by Washington at the Live Wire Studios. She writes her own music and sometimes with the help of Silvia Namugenyi. She has performed in various places like Denmark, London and Sweden.


Faridah started acting in her senior two while at Mulama Senior Secondary School located in Luweero District. She belonged to the school drama club and she used to come and act at National Theatre and Pride Theatre. During her school visits, she had a chance to watch the Bakayimbira Dramactors and wanted to join them. After her studies, she approached the directors of the group; Charles Ssenkubuge Siyasa and Andrew Benon Kibuuka and told them she wanted to join them. They immediately accepted because of her former school’s acting reputation.

When she joined the group, she started with group characters. After 5 months she approached the directors and told them that she wanted character scenes so that she could be noticed as an individual.  She acted her first character scene in a play called “Christmas Dinner”, they all saw how good she was and they were impressed. Princess Faridah Zalwango Ndausi has been acting and a member of Bakayimbira Dramactors for the past four years.

Besides Bakayimbira plays she has also starred in various Bakayimbira movies and Nigerian (Nollywood) and “Ugawood” movies. Among the Bayimbira movies include; “Kigenya Genya”, “Diamond Ring”, Ugawood movies like “Once upon a home” where she acted along big names like Charled Ssenkubuge, Andrew Benon Kiwanuka, Mariam Ndagire, Abbey Mukiibi and John Ssegawa, “Roses in Rain” which consisted of both Ugandan and Nigerian movies.  She also starred in Last King of Scotland as one of Forest Whitaker’s as on of the beautiful girls around him. She has just come back from Nigeria where she was shooting “Yankee Boys” which features some of the big names in the Nigerian film industry like Emeka Ike, Ramzi Noah, Jim Ike and many more.


Faridah started presenting at Kara FM which was then located in Kamokya. She later joined Beat FM then under the management of Hemdee Kiwanuka and mum, Halima Kiwanuka.  In 2005, she joined KIU now. At the moment she is a presenter at Dembe FM presenting Morning show from 5:45 Am to 9:00 Am.

For this Princess, it is just the beginning. The sky is the limit.