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Nevertheless I have this against you, that you have left your first love.” Revelations 2:4

Born in Uganda (in July 1993), as an offshoot of a schools’ mission program at Kampala Pentecostal Church, First Love is a group of five (5) young men committed to impacting communities of peoples of diverse ethnic backgrounds with the positive and wholesome message of the gospel of Jesus Christ, through their music, skills and lifestyles.

Currently based in the United Kingdom, the group has twice toured East, Central and Southern Africa where they held successful concerts outdoors, in churches and in topnotch nightclubs. Within their first 2 months of living in the UK, First Love had the privilege of being finalists on Channel 4’s Gospel Singers of the Year Awards 2002. In the months that followed, First Love went on to tour Sweden and Switzerland in Europe and the United States, performing their unique blend of motivational, spiritually uplifting African melodies to the acclaim of diverse audiences.

This crossover appeal has seen First Love work with organizations like the Haringey Peace Alliance, an initiative countering Drug abuse and Gun crime in London’s North Borough of Hariney, Tottenham, PMU Interlife and SIDA (Swedish International Development Aid), in Sweden. In the US, First Love has so far had the privilege of holding concerts in schools, US federal prisons, churches and at the United Nations in New York.

First Love is attached to Liberty Christian Fellowship in London, under the leadership of Pastors Lincoln and Grace Sserwanga.

The Mission

Regardless of color, creed, race or background, First Love believes that true religion starts with love and reconciliation. Hence Jesus’ message to the church to “love the Lord thy God with all your heart, soul and strength…and love your neighbor as you would yourself.” Jesus also said “…by this, the world will know that you are my disciples.” This kind of love transcends all denominational boundaries and divisions based on culture, creed or otherwise.

Armed with this love, First Love seeks to lead by example a generation of young people that’ll be relevant in a world filled with strife and pain, to be a healing balm and bring relief where there has been so much hunger, disease and war.

The Music

First Love’s music is a montage of different sonic experiences picked up from all over the world. This is what makes the music unique.
There’s a little bit of everything, from Soul to Soukouss, Hip-hop to RnB…a veritable cocktail. And as First Love continues to tour the world, their music will continue to evolve until it finally reaches maturity…a true First Love sound.

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First Love - November Newsletter 

Hi MusicUganda,

Once again, it’s a great privilege to be writing you just to fill you in on what’s happening…or what’s not happening with First Love.

First of all the rest of the team travelled to Uganda about 2weeks ago and are enjoying a well deserved holiday. This of course means that while some of you were enjoying stovetop and turkey this past Thanksgiving, First Love were warding off mosquitoes…or should I say the mosquitoes were having a Thanksgiving holiday too…praising God for the fresh provision (you know the bible does say that God provides food for all His creatures).

I on the other hand am still stuck in Great Britain and had tea and crumpets, quiche and weak squash…oh and cucumber sandwiches for Thanksgiving (and now of course I know where the “as cool as a cucumber” saying comes from. Only a cucumber could remain that cool in spite of his position in the circle of life).

So what more can I say.(?) We’re gonna miss having Christmas in the US or Europe but then again we’re looking forward to having it in Uganda. Christmas in Uganda is joyously infectious. The shopping, the shopping and more the shopping. New clothes, new shoes and the best food in the world. That of course, is topped off by spending the entire day with friends and family. What more can a soul ask for?

To our friends in America, we’d like to say Happy belated Thanksgiving. Her Majesty the Queen’s still not overly thrilled by your independence but she nonetheless instructed yours truly to pass on to you her royal regards.

Yours for the power of Love,

Sharpe Ssewali II

First Love Ministries



[US Cell: +1 410 935 4016] [UK Cell: +4479 4001 4754] [Rev 2:4 Nevertheless I have this against you, that you have left your First Love]

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Another blow to the Ugandan Entertainment Industry

 Paul Kim producer at First Love Studios and group leader with First Love went to be with the LORD on Saturday, May 7th, 2011. Paul was admitted into the ER last Thursday, April 28th complaining of headache and high fever. Suspecting that he had malaria due to having traveled from Africa recently, he was given quinine tablets while awaiting other tests, including the malaria test, which was negative. As a side effect of the malaria medication, he developed vomiting. Two days later he started experiencing shortness of breaths. The doctors realized that he had aspired some of the vomit into his lungs causing severe infection. They immediately put him under close monitoring in the ICU and placed him in a medically induced coma in order to effectively treat the infection while on the mechanical breathing ventilator. The doctors did their best to treat the infection but Paul’s body did not respond as expected. We love Paul very much, but God loves him more and has decided to take him home. In the end, not our will but God’s PERFECT will has been done.
Many of you dear friends responded to the call for prayer and fasting while Paul was in the hospital. You encouraged me and stood with me when Paul and I needed you the most. Thank you very much!
Paul lived a full life. He loved his GOD!!! He was a great husband and wonderful dad to his soon to be born daughter. He impacted many people especially through his music with the band, First Love gospel group. Today, we celebrate Paul’s life because his life was all about LOVE!

Paul will be laid to rest in Uganda.