Is Moses Radio and Weasel “Goodlyfe” plagiarizing by Isaac Ssejjombwe.

Barely two years in the music business as Goodlyfe, Moses Radio and Weasel are facing their worst nightmare for allegedly stealing two songs. The duo is at war with two upcoming groups over ownership of Bread and Butter as well as Number Emu. Two of which helped them up their game in the industry.

The two upcoming artists have been roaming media houses claiming that Weasel and Radio stole the two songs without their consent and efforts to settle the issue is futile with Jeff, the Goodlyfe manager threatening to hurt them if they continue with the allegations.

A producer by the names of David from one of the studios in Kampala claims Radio approached and bought from him number emu belonging to Shizzo and No body which belonged to Arafat and Magla.

There are some question marks about number one because there is little comparison to Goodlyf’s number emu but a good listen to No body, one can easily mistake it to be Bread and Butter because the beats, voices and verses correspond tremendously.

During an interview, Weasel and Radio said the technique other musicians are using against them is PHD also known as Pull Him Down. “That is a bad strategy for them to use because we are here to stay and if we are committing a crime, then they should go report to the police so that we can be arrested.” Moze said. He also added that the fans they are reporting to have other problems like work, rent, school fees, transport and other related issues.

Meanwhile rumor has been having it that Goodlyf composed Zuena from P-Square’s no one like you but Moze deep-rooted it that P-square also composed a song from their nakudata hit because they had a  contract to swap songs. When asked why we haven’t heard of the song P-square extracted from Nakudata, Moze said that it’s only Tanzanians who have heard of it because they hadn’t composed it the last time they came to Kampala. “WHAT AN EXCUSE”

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