Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Hot new releases from Talent Africa

Find below three hot new releases from Talent Africa Group (formerly Talent 256).  Talent Africa Group is an entertainment company that operates in multiple areas of the entertainment industry including; talent management, booking agency, events management, promotion, audio/video production, record label, PR and graphic design. Talent Africa operates all over East Africa but headquarters are located in Kampala, Uganda.  We represent most of the top names in the music industry from all over Africa and beyond...  

Song: Kawa (East Africa Remix) 
Artist: Lilian (BLU 3) featuring P Unit, Navio and AY
Producer: Oboi @ Market Makers
Artist Management and Agency: Talent Africa 
Description: Kawa the original was massive!  And now here comes the remix featuring East Africa's top MCs from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. An EA anthem in the making...   

Song: Mama 
Artist: Richy 
Producer: Kingsley @ Talent Africa
Artist Management: Talent Africa
Description: Richy is Uganda's youngest music sensation. Can you believe this guy is only 19. So versatile he can crossover from RnB to Hip Hop to Soul and Reggae. Talent defined!

Song: Air UG
Artist: Klear Kut (Navio, The Mith, and JB)
Producer: Samurai @ Talent Africa 
Artist Management and Agency: Talent Africa
Description:  Klear Kut is back! While all the members have solo projects they are also working on a new group album and "AIR UG" is the first single. Get aboard Klear Kut Airlines.
Official Video coming soon