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Daniella and Abba, Chameleone & Abba

Chameleone, Daniella's Illustrious Wedding

Photos By Kayiwa Ahmed of Satellite Studios, Tel: +256-712-834507, Email:kayiwamed@yahoo.com. Make up By Benjamin M Sempijja of O'leaf : Tel: +256-782-262626, Email: sempijja@gmail.com

THE wedding of the year it was; crowds from Mutungo, Luzira, Kitintale and other Kampala suburbs converged at Biina trading centre to witness the wedding of a music star, Jose Chameleone a.k.a Joseph Mayanja to his long time fiancee, Daniella Atim, at Biina Catholic Church. Excited residents started gathering at the trading centre next to the church compound by 7:00am yet the wedding service started at 11:00am.


John Segawa & Humphrey Mayanja . The Mayanjas . Chameleone .

Daniella . Daniella arrives at church . Daniella looking pretty .

Daniella looking pretty . Daniella looking pretty . Daniella looking pretty .

Chameleone waves for his fans as Chagga and Humphrey look on . The couple . And you may Kiss the bride .

The Couple cut the cake . The Couple cut the cake . The Couple cut the cake .

Ruth . The couple . The Mayanjas .

The Mayanjas . The Couple . Daniella .

The Daniella .The couple . The bridegroom's entourage and the couple .

The Couple kiss . Abba .

Humphrey, Chameleone, Benja of O'leaf salon and Emma . The couple raise their marriage certificate .

The couple . The couple .

The Reverand Father . The couple exchange vows .

The couple exchange vows . The exchange rings .

Juma Seiko . Chameleone waves to his supporters .

The Couple . The couple .

The couple exchanges vows . Will you marry me? Emma Chameleone's young brother talks to some of the guests .

The couple with guests . The couple serves cake to the guests .

Beisgye eats the cake . Daniella gets ready to serve her husband .

The couple walk to start serving their guests as Humphrey holds for them the plate of cake . Sophie Gombya, John Segawa share a moment with friends .

The couple serve cake . The couple serve cake .

The couple hug . The couple cut the cake .

Chameleone consults his brother Humphrey . The Mayanjas .

The Mayanjas . The Lubegas .

The Ssemambos . The Sseikos .

The couple gets ready to cut the cake . Besigye .

The welcoming entrouge . The Lubegas get in .

The Couple share a moment . Gaetano seems to like the background .

Chameleone waves . The Couple .

The Bridal entourage . The Mayanjas .

The Bridal entourage . Chameleone carried his bride into the jet as Humphrey helps with the gown .

They chat briefly before they head off to Serena . I love you mum: Daniella with her son Abba .

Daniella shares mother to son moment . Abba pecks his mum .

The couple . Humphrey and Daniella .

Daniella . Daniella .

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