Unveiling “Just Jose” by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256 782233273)

A few  years back, the music industry saw the rise of Mwima Joseph at No End studios in Kamwokya under the guidance of Kiwuuwa little did he (Jose) know that in 2009, he would become a household name in the production circles working with some of the biggest names in the music industry. With over 30 songs under his production, Just Jose is a 23 year old hailing from western Uganda and is working with Swangz Avenue.
Jose rushed us through his production journey, artists he's worked with so far and future projects.

Who is just Jose?
With a year's experience in main stream production, Just Jose real names Mwima Joseph Mbabazi is a 23 year old audio producer and sound engineer working with Swangz Avenue.

Why "Just"
The "Just" name came about when most artists were always asking me what i use besides  Mwima Joseph and my reply to them was "Just Jose" so realizing how interesting and catchy that is, I decided to start using it.

When did you join the production industry?
Professionally it was in 2009 at Swangz Avenue but before that, I was practicing at No end studios with Kiwuuwa as my tutor.

What inspired you to join the production industry?
I can't say i was inspired by some one or something but it was just my talent that drove me to this kind of profession.

Who are some of the artists you've worked with and on what tracks?
I've worked with many artists including Goodlyf on "Ability, Five star girl, Rabadaba on Nzuno, Navio's "African hustlers music album", Viboyo's Party, Cindy, Mun G on "Ebintu", Vampos both "kwekunyakunya rmx and original, Keko's forthcoming album, Don Mc with "Mwana we and "Oli kiss", Angella Katatumba to mention but a few.

And who are those artists you love working with?
I get along with every artist i work with but the Goodlyf duo of Moze Radio and Weasel, Navio, Keko and Vampos are some of the artists who make my work easy.they are so flexible, i easily blend with them and they make production interesting. A sneak peak into some of the tracks that made "Just Jose" a force to reckon with in the production circles? With over 30 songs under my production, the tracks that made me an established producer include: "Ability by Goodlyf and Rabadaba, Ebintu by Mun G, Vampos's Kwekunyakunya both the original and rmx, and "Whistle song" by all stars.

How does it feel working with such an established company (Swangz Avenue)?
It's a great pleasure and experience because through Benon i've been able to learn more about software because he's so good at it. working with Swangz has enabled me to meet different people in the entertainment circles especially artists, promoters and so on.basically, Swangz has made "Just Jose".

What projects are you working on?
I'm working on various albums like Keko's, Vampos, Don Mc, Navio's, Viboyo and the Locomotive.However, i'm as well working on singles from different artists who come to record from swangz.

Give us your top five tracks?
Ability (Goodlyf and Rabadaba), African Hustlers music (Navio), Mwana gwe (Don Mc), Whistle song (All stars) and How we do it by Keko.

Last words to your fans and music lovers?
Thanks so much for the support and love and let's unite to promote East African music to the international level.


Saturday, December 03rd, 2011

Just José quits Swangz Avenue by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256 782233273)

He’s perhaps one of the best audio producers in Uganda’s entertainment industry and has quit working for one of the best record labels in East Africa. Just Jose who has been a resident producer alongside Benon, decided to walk out of Swangz Avenue last Friday after three years at the muyenga based studio. He’s the man behind hits like “Ability”, “Whistle song”, “How we do”, “Love to dance”, “Ebintu” and “Kwekunyakunya” among others but reasons for his decision to quit are still anonymous.

Jose’s produced tracks have won him wide recognition after the “Whistle song” was voted the best collabo and hip hop song in this year’s Buzz Teeniez Awards, “How we do rmx” by Keko and the Goodlyf winning the most gifted African East video artist in the just concluded channel O music video awards and “Feel free” by Navio emerging the best produced at the “Hands across the world” album.
Artist management or setting up his own production house is the likely venture Joseph Mwima will be trying out after successfully producing for artists like    Goodlyf, Vampino, Klear Kut, Juliana, Cindy, Viboyo, Don Mc, Mun G, Keko, Rabadaba, Gnl, Angella Katatumba to mention but a few.