"Michael and the KOMBAT"

By Julie Erusa 


All of you who think you are dancers, want to be dancers, here is a word or two from Michael Kasaija a former obsessions' dancer and now the Managing Director of the new KOMBAT group which has happened to hit the Kampala entertainment industry by storm. Before I tell you more on the KOMBAT group, I will tell you a little bit about Michael's past, present and future plans.

Michael looks a very shy guy; it leaves many wondering how he does it so gracefully on stage. When asked how all he could say was “that is his moment, he knows he is in charge (sure) and basically it is his territory which makes him King)

Past: Michael had his education at Buganda Road Primary School , Busoga College Mwiri, and Caltec Academy and finished with Makerere University . Michael started dancing in Primary School but he was dancing traditional folk dances. Participating in the Inter- School Competition was Michael's first time on stage. While in Mwiri he started dancing to international music at school shows, he continued doing all this through his life till Makerere. At Makerere he participated and organized various shows that took place like the famous Lumbox Show.

How he joined Obsessions is still the question, trust me it a long story but I will cut it short. While hosting A Mitchlex show in 1999, he gave Obsessions a chance to show what they can offer the called “Pearls and Jungles” (What a name, good the changed it). Michael was quite impresses by their show. By this time, he had no serious intentions to join the dance group. He was invited to a party organized by the Obsessions by a close friend “Pamela” who was a dancer at that time with the group. Ronnie, who was the manager of the group, asked him to help them choreograph a song, My Way – Usher. He continued helping them out till he sat on a round table and was convinced to finally join the group.

Many wonder whether he spends time watching Usher, Michael Jackson and Ginuwine videos and after produces the strokes. Well guys NO!! He watches the videos, sometimes he does the same stroke and flips it round to something completely different which explains and shows that he can do better.


 Apart from becoming a father to a cute boy, Shawn mothered by one of the sexiest women in Uganda , Natasha, Michael has formed his own dance group KOMBAT.

About the KOMBAT: Kombat is a unique, newly established entertainment firm which stands for; Kampala 's Marketing, Branding and Advertising Team. This creative company is managed by individuals who are fully equipped with knowledge, and practical presentation skills necessary to compete / deliver effectively and professionally in today's cotemporary entertainment and business industry.

KOMBAT is specifically designed to meet the needs of today's corporate, business and non-profit industry using experiential marketing and creative entertainment as a tool to market, brand, advertise, promote, campaign etc. This company targets a wide range of clientele data base in the east African region and will mainly focus on providing professional quality and productive entertainment, of which some of our major objectives are:

          Use creative entertainment to efficiently impart knowledge, information and skills to any specified target group.

          Empower local and upcoming artistes with performance skills, drills knowledge on stage management, back stage management, personality identity and character, show prep etc.

          Improve the state and quality of entertainment trough video productions, lighting and sound, artiste back-ups, stage setting & performance.

          Offer all types of choreography services and dance class

          Event planning and management

          Talent search, scouting and promotion.

          Provide models eg. Commercial, catwalk, corporate ushers and promotional models.

Why work with Kombat?

          quality services


          creative ideology

The back born of this entertainment firm is strongly supported by a team of persons who are qualified by both life experience and traditional qualifications in Uganda 's entertainment and throughout the east African region. We are committed to deliver and satisfy the demands of our clients.

Future: In five years he sees KOMBAT bigger, fully facilitated with a performing centre and the group working internationally.

The challenges faced include maintaining the group. The advice he gives all the people who are planning on starting up dance groups is that “ The end justifies the means. ”

For details and other inquiries, contact:

Richard Sebadduka

Marketing Manager / P.R.O

Kombat Ltd

Tel: 256 78 443333

256 77 377041

Fax: 256-41-234280

Email: kombat4ever@yahoo.co.uk