Kingdom Dancers


The group started in 1997 at power centre church Entebbe as a creative  a gospel music dance group. Our career was mainly sparked off by dance performances on UTV now UBC in 1999 and 2001 respectively. Founded by Julius Matovu (director), Mwebesa Richard a.k.a Ricky Dolph(P.R.O/Coordinator),Ben Babel kiwanuka and Mutyaba Joshua ( senior Dancers).The other members joined later. Growing up in the town of Entebbe with a vision to make it big one day in the gospel music industry however in a town with few opportunities to show case up coming talent so much had to be done in order to survive as many groups came up and died out. Kingdom dancers stood firm because we  lived as a family comprising of 10 members all from different walks of life and backgrounds.

Music Projects.

Originally started as a creative dance group only doing contemplary dance mainly hip –hop and Latin dances. All was not easy in the beginning because creative dancing in a Christian community was not embraced as easily as it is today reasons being we did lots of radical dances due to the fast contemplary hip hop street like dances comprising of ground spins ,break dancing and scorpion moves. These were looked at as non Christian and un holy but we stood our ground and made a revolution in creative dancing in church. We were later embraced because we appealed to a demographic of mainly the youth in a way that we were Christians and still had fun the right way.

As time went on we felt a need to get original by dancing to  own music since we did dance to other musicians music. Richard had a background early enough before the inception of the group as he was a lead vocalist, songwriter in a group called the inspired Lyrics where he had learnt all basics of singing and writing music this was cultivated by Julius who was a good rapper way back in Namasagali College school and Mayors college. This was ground enough to do our own music. Nothing in life comes easy hard work patience are some of the virtues we stood and walked with to Reach this far..

Our very first single song was done on quite a sad not  we guess this is what pushed us to get into studios and record the song. Julius  lost his mother in the year 2000 it so happened that Richard had also lost his mother in the same year. Those moments were so trying in the middle of  all this sought so much comfort in the Lord this  inspired Julius   to write a song out of the experience which struck a chord with what Richard had gone through as well. Every time I cry was our very first single. We shot a music video for it and it became so big raving air waves and playing on major TV stations like UBC,EATV,WBSTV ,TOP TV as well as major gospel radio stations. It also earned two nominations in the PAM AWARDS 2005 ( Pearl of Africa Music Awards) for categories Best gospel single and Best gospel song/artist.

Later we did another single called Yesu wee a runyakitara afro beat dance hall fusion which also came up and earned us 2 awards from Victoria Gospel Music Awards (VIGA) held at Serena hotel 0n 24th June.Yesu  wee rose so fast because it identified easily with the local gospel music fans.

Currently we are working on an album to comprise 10 tracks we feel its time to serve our fans what we have prepared for the last 5 years. We have tacken our time though our fans have wanted for long to get access to our music reason being we want to revolutionize the gospel music industry by doing it professionally like work with professional producers marketing ,distribution and do music that will last a long time. we are mainly looking at the entire East African region and this takes lots of research and lots of money since our budgets are entirely financed by our personal savings.

We have mainly concentrated on Latin music called bosanova being a fusion of jazz ,afro pop, salsa, rumba  and ball room dancing this is music that is so complex and requires lots of practice research and hard work. For our Ugandan fans we have made a fusion of Luganda, English,runyankore,and Kiswahili in order to identify with the local listeners.

Music is powerful; it brings us closer to our inner being and is a language that communicates to all. Music has the power to make you cry,angry,leap with joy and bring out that sentimental nature one has. It also makes us nostalgic in a way that it brings back those memories or experiences we go through. This has been our main driving factor we have voices and the only way we can express our selves is through music.


2004 Top radio/Top TV regional winners.

2005 PAM award nominees for Best gospel single and Best gospel artist/group.(for song Every time I cry)

2007 VIGA award winners for Best dance group and Best western song/artist.(for song Yesu wee)

Education and Inspiration.

Julius Matovu is a graduate with an associate diploma in practical ministries from the Africa school of ministries international ,went to Namasagali college and mayors college majored in choreography studies and mentored by Junior Jones a British  choreographer who did dance moves for Madonna and the spice girls. He is the groups choreographer, and vocalist.

Richard Mwebesa is a graduate with a Bachelors degree in management science from Kyambogo university, went to Entebbe S.S,Nakasongola Army .S.S  and active member of creative and performing arts Kyambogo university which has groomed him into a a song writer and lead vocalist.

Ben Babel Kiwanuka majored in creative dance at mayors college Entebbe and debuts as a senior dancer. The rest are still in school.

Motivational factors.

The love for music, dance and God as well as the desire to lift up his kingdom thus the name Kingdom Dancers. This has been the driving force in our ministry to reach the hurting world through patience, hard work, discipline and prayer which has made us stand for ten years as a dance family.


To sing and dance n order to uplift morals, give praise to God and win the youth to salvation.


To music that will affect the secular world for Jesus.


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‘Wezule’ Video finally out.

The song against cross generational sex by the kingdom dancers is finally out. The song called ‘Wezule’ and its video are to grace air waves early next week. “We have taken our time to release the song and the video because we have been carrying out a lot of research about the theme of the song which is against cross generational sex. At last we have compiled enough information to release the song and video" said Richard Mwebesa the groups Art Director. A very contentious issue of late in Uganda which has been attributed to behavioral influences especially amongst University students. One cannot rule out the fact that poverty and the love for material benefits is one of the major causes of cross generational sex. The act makes the parties involved vulnerable to emotional break down and even exposure to HIV. Watch out for the video it has a lot to say.

Kingdom Dancers to release an orchestra fused track.

After launching their first ever debut album on 14th September 2008, the kingdom dancers have set out to pursue their vision of revolutionizing the Ugandan gospel music industry. Being the first gospel dance group in Uganda to dance to their own music, a group comprising of 12 members is focusing on experimenting on a music genre so unheard of in Uganda; Orchestra music. This is a combination of wind, string, percussion and brass instruments played in unison to make a symphony. “We are thinking out of the box this time, a need to think global not local.

Kingdom Dancers in collaboration with Tikitah and Crystal Fabulous.

For long contemporary gospel music in Uganda has been side lined and perceived as work done by novices. This is changing drastically as observed by the versatility of a number of up coming artists. In a bid to breakthrough artists like the Kingdom dancers have not taken this as an obstacle but as an opportunity. World over artists have realized the benefits of working together for a common objective being able to synergies the out put of diverse music genres appealing to the fans of the individual musicians. Tikitah and Crystal Fabulous are some of the finest in the gospel music arena in the country. Believe it or not they have taken gospel music to a whole new level of dance hall. A collaboration, planned, crafted and now served by the Kingdom Dancers, Tikitah and Crystal Fabulous is out. Produced by Legend P at Delight Studios in Rubaga, entitled "Tomuswaziza" meaning, you have not put her to shame. Quoting from the book of proverbs 18:22 that says; "He who find a wife finds a beautiful thing and obtains favor from the lord". The song is arguably a master piece. A combination of repertoires in dance hall, hip-hop and R&B makes it a work of art. Much to be desired from the lyrics, the production and the beats that can not leave any music lover seated. This one has managed to show case an amiable demeanor from The Kingdom Dancers, Tikitah, Crystal Fabulous and the soft soothing voice of Sera that took over the chorus to give the song the flavor of professionals singing sync. Can not wait to see the video.

Kingdom Dancers release Kyenva Nsinza

The kingdom Dancers are back this time with a new single titled 'Kyenva Nsinza'.
The song is an upbeat dance hall fusion song that displays a lot of energy produced by Legend P in Crystal Klear studios. There is no doubt that gospel artists are now doing quality music. The video for the song is out and already making rounds on local TV stations.

The gospel group has surely come of age after earlier this year releasing collaboration with Tikitah and Crystal fabulous.

Richard the Art Director of the group said; " We have been silent for a while trying to re-invent the group's direction. The group has metamophosised in a different way. We are now taking more musical risks and trying out genres we had not earlier anticipated. Our sound has improved; the videos have also evolved to fit the changing preferences of our fan base".

A lot is under way according to the group however they refused to disclose what is next in store for the fans and they should expect to see more collaborations in the coming months.