Kiwani: The Movie Premieres in Kampala - By Olive Eyotaru Yemima

From naive university girls to corporate personalities, it is a wave of greed, lies and romance, all entangled in a web orchestrated by the bafere (as conmen are commonly called in Uganda). Ugandans have a way of creating slang. These days, it usually, starts with songs or movies. When Bobi Wine, a Ugandan artist, used the word 'kiwani' in his hit song by the same title to describe the deceitful ways of many Ugandans, people across the country immediately and practically adopted kiwani into their vocabulary. From school going kids, politicians, to many an old man deep in Uganda's rural setting, kiwani has surely been integrated into the daily lingo of many Ugandans.


Photos By Kayiwa Ahmed of Satellite Studios, Tel: +256-712-834507,

I was there too: A guest . Lisa Linda . Aisha of KFM with friends .

A guest . A guest . Barbara Yata chats with Cleopatra Koheirwe .

Guests . Barbara Yata chats with Cleopatra Koheirwe and a friend . Remmy of Obsessions with a friend .

Naava looking lovely . Part of the cast . Edgar Watson .

Titi Tabel . Sudhir takes a close look the jacket . Betina with Ks Alpha .

Guests . A guest . A guest looking lovely .

Sarah Zawedde with a friend . A guest recieves a call . Olive Eyotaru Yemima .

Megga Dee with Prossie Patra . Lillian of Blu3 laughs with a friend . Arthur with a friend .

Guests . Cindy chats with guests . Guests .

Guests . Guests . Aren't we smart .

Cindy of Blu 3 with friends . The cast .

The Cast . The Cast .

The Cast . The Cast .

Natasha & Karitas . Michael & Natasha .

The girls . Natasha & Karitas share a joke .

The Cast . The Cast .

Uhuru with a friend . Alex of NewVision with a friend .

Halima Namakula with a friend . Beat FM crew .

Henry Ssali talks o as Maurice looks on . Sudhir takes a closer look at the jacket .

The Guests . Guests .

Megga Dee with Messe of Amarula . Guests .

The Rastas . Arthur and a friend .

Jude with a friend . Carol with a friend .

Robert Ahibisibwe of Select Garmets representing . Blu 3 .

Mr and Mrs Jalaal . Karitas & Carol of MTV .

Shadrack & Michael . Wyclif, Hubbie & a friend .

The guests . The guests .

Bina Baby, Meddi Nsereko and Sarah Zawedde share a moment . Wyclif, Hubbie K and a friend .

Cindy with sister and friend . Meddy Nsereko, Sarah Zawedde & Bina Baby .

. Martin from celtel with a friend .

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