Loverdee Upclose

Loverdee Plus is born and raised in Uganda till he was 11 years old. He moved to Sweden in 1991, where he kept on going to school. At the age of 17 he started raping in Swedish with his brother Max Brutal a.k.a Willy Kiima, they used a name Rwenzururu Boyz. They ware started doing music for fun as, and performing karaoke at some schools.

They performed at schools like Rinkeby skolan, Bredby skolan, Tensta Gymnasium, Tyresö skolan and at the big summer festival in Stockholm 1998. Loverdee Plus never took music seriously at that time, but because of the comments that people use to give him after each performing, he started taking music very seriously and decided to start doing music proffessionally, singing in his mother tongue (Lukonzo) and Kiswahiili.

Loverdee and Max released an album in 2000, ‘Thuyowe’ meaning lets enjoy. The album was mostly sold in western Uganda where people could speak Lukonzo. After a year, the Rwenzururu Boyz was no more. They stopped working together as Max was never into music as much Loverdee had been at that time. Loverdee started working alone and 2002 he released an album ‘Thuyinywire’, which he later came back in Uganda in 2003. The album was entirely in Lukonzo and sold in Kasese, Bwamba and Butembo in Kongo and its where he could do most of his shows.

End of 2003 Loverdee moved to London to persuade his dream of becoming a star in Uganda and East Africa. He released a new album ‘Sarah Wange’.  The album was in Luganda, Swahili and Lukonzo. The track ‘Sarah Wange’ became a club hit in Uganda and Loverdee started to be recognised not just in western Uganda but in the whole of Uganda. He was quite for a while and 2006 he came out with a new album ‘Mamboot life’. He says ‘Mamboot’ is a word he came up himself, meaning a player’s life. He continues by adding that ‘Mamboot Life” means a life with money, gals, weed basically living large he said. He came back and launched the album in August 2006. He performed in Kampala, Jinja, Entebbe, Masaka, Mbarara and Kasese, Fortportal and Congo. Loverdee's new album titled ‘My Queen” will be hitting soon in Uganda. It has tracks like ‘Hollyday’ ft Lovins of Fire Base Crew, ‘Okugula omukwano’, ‘We dancing’ ft Dream girls, ‘My queen’, ‘Bandu bekyihugho’ and ‘Ekiro kyabakonzo’. The album is nice and heavy and he strongly believes that it is the one that is really to put him on the Big Boyz Map. If you wanna know more about Loverdee,