Marble Up-close – By Julie Erusa 

Swedish based Marble Musisi just released a hot collabo with Vamposs titled Shh!!!, she is back with a new single “Senga”. 

MU: What is your name?

Marble: Marble Caroline Musisi

MU: What should people expect this year?

Marble: A new style of Ugandan music that Ugandans are not used to.

MU: What is your philosophy on life?

Marble: To make sure that u always please your heart and its desire

MU: What is your shoe size

?Marble: 6 or 7 it depends on the shoes

MU: What CDS are you listening to?

Marble: Frank Sinatra

MU: What are your favorite drinks?

Marble: Sparkling water

MU: What are your favorite perfumes?

Marble: Dolce and Gabbana "the one"

MU: What makes you laugh?

Marble: I laugh at everything that’s worth laughing at

MU: What makes you cry?

Marble: Homeless children

MU: What is your stand for the Youth?

Marble: To always focus on their education, to always aim for the sky and to keep their heads up high

MU: Abstinence or Condom use and why?

Marble: Abstinence because they are still young and probably not even sure of them selves yet and the consequences from sex

MU: Are you seeing someone?

Marble: Yes

MU: What is the first thing you do in the morning?

Marble: Wake up and walk around the house to see if everyone is awake

MU: What is your favorite color?

Marble: Right now it’s pink

MU: What type of man would you like or what would you like in a man?

Marble: Someone who can teach me new things in life and someone who is loyal, and has the urge/desire of wanting to somehow change the standard of Africa for the future children.

MU: Where do you call home?

Marble: Wherever my mother is

MU: What are your worst moments and your best moments?

Marble: I think it all goes hand in hand because your worst moment can also be your best each has a lesson you learn after.

MU: Is there anyone who can tell your childhood story?Marble: My mother, my friends and family