Mardder Ranks

Mardder Ranks based in Boston, Massachusetts, USA moved to America in 1999, where he has been working on his music. His first album came in 2003, with songs like Mukwano, Ndidda and Uganda. Mardder Ranks was born in Kampala Uganda where he grew up with his auntie Aisha Nabatanzi a Musician and actress in several musical groups. Mardder Ranks was inspired by other musician beyond his family; the biggest was the legend Bob Marley, with others like Lucky Dube, Ely Wamala and Philly Bongole Lutaya.

Mardder Ranks commands a variety of talents in music, with his hardcore voice, is focusing on reggae and ragga music which he knows will take him on top not only in Africa but in United States where is lives today.

He has performed in several concerts around the world. Mardder Ranks performed at the UNAA New York convention 2006 and teamed up with DJ Shack, Hispanic Rapper MC Jose and Jerome Black in the hit "BONGA", the song is among the top songs on his latest album " Maama" with other songs, Mukwano, Kambalage and more… He has several videos he shot in Uganda and USA.

Watch out for his coming album, because this time he came to stay, as his slogan, " Marrder Ranks yazze nyo!. Check him out on his website.