Mariam Ndagire

One of Uganda's most progressive contemporary female artists, Mariam Ndagire is scheduled to perform in The Bronx, New York later this year.

"It will be a great event, the first of its kind when we host the Ugandan female artist MARIAM NDAGIRE and other performers in New York City at CARDINAL HAYES HIGH SCHOOL 650 GRAND CONCOURSE BRONX, NY 10451", explains Annet Nakamya, the Publicity Secretary of UAAGNY

And what is the UAAGNY? It is an organization for Ugandans in the greater New York area. This is not going to be the first time Mariam has performed in The States. She featured at the UNAA-Boston Convention 2003. The UNAA is the Uganda North America Association

Annet also explains that the aim of the function is "to bring our culture alive to our people here and to promote the entertainment sector and more especially to educate our children and well wishers about our values and traditions".

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