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Mariam Ndagire

One of Uganda's most progressive contemporary female artists, Mariam Ndagire is scheduled to perform in The Bronx, New York later this year.

"It will be a great event, the first of its kind when we host the Ugandan female artist MARIAM NDAGIRE and other performers in New York City at CARDINAL HAYES HIGH SCHOOL 650 GRAND CONCOURSE BRONX, NY 10451", explains Annet Nakamya, the Publicity Secretary of UAAGNY

And what is the UAAGNY? It is an organization for Ugandans in the greater New York area. This is not going to be the first time Mariam has performed in The States. She featured at the UNAA-Boston Convention 2003. The UNAA is the Uganda North America Association

Annet also explains that the aim of the function is "to bring our culture alive to our people here and to promote the entertainment sector and more especially to educate our children and well wishers about our values and traditions".

This is going to be a nostalgic performance that shall make those that have been away for long homesick. Mariam Ndagire is the lead singer of the Trends Band based at Bat Valley theatre in Kampala. The multitalented Mariam is also an accomplished playwright and actress. She was a female-vocalist nominee for the inaugural Peal of Africa Music Awards in 2003.

To know more about Mariam, don't hesitate to visit her personal websites at and

Mariam Ndagire to launch Majangwa.

A few weeks back, Mariam graced the film industry with a new movie “Strength of a Stranger”, now she will yet again grace the entertainment with a new music album “Majangwa” on the 13th February, 2009 at Theatre La Bonita. The eight-track album consists of mainly love songs and she would like to refer to the album as the best that she yet done. It consists like Majangwa, Ayi Mukama, Down this road I walk, Mukama Beere Nange, Kigenzigenzi, simusango and Faraha.

Mariam Ndagire’s Majangwa album review.

The feeling of  I am about to press play to listen to Mariam Ndagire’s latest effort in the form of her latest studio album   Majangwa does not only create tension but anxiety too simply for the reason being that it means you are about to listen to not only a veteran respected stage actress and play righter but also an extremely imaginative and quite experimental type of female diva  lyrically. It’s therefore not surprising that many of her songs have been chosen as stage feelers for enormously emotional stage play scenes. Her latest outing Majangwa does not only show that Mariam can capture your emotions off guard but in the long run you might as well gain some entertainment(get educated about  different social issues whilst being entertained by the beauteous music patterns as powered by the various music instruments there in.

Saturday, July 06th, 2013

Quick Talk - Ndagire Reminisces Her Sound of Music Days

Quick Talk calls Mariam Ndagire to schedule an interview for a Sickle Cell conference she is co-organising and when an interview date has been tentatively set, Quick Talk sneaks in a request for a Quick Talk interview. Ndagire is uncomfortable with such interviews; so, Quick Talk has to tread carefully, and cleverly... The interview took place in her office at Bat Valley theatre.

Tell me about your background. I know you went to Nabbingo and that's it. I was born and raised in the city; so, I'm a city-born. I went to Buganda Road nursery school [mentions her primary school which Quick Talk doesn't catch], Kampala High School and Trinity College Nabbingo.

What is your earliest childhood memory?

Seeing my mum pregnant with my sister. I remember thinking: What's wrong with mummy's stomach? She told me she had a baby inside. I wondered how it got there.

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