Maurice Kirya Experience

The last Tuesday of the previous month Maurice Kirya fans were treated to what he described as an “Experience” and it was truly an experience. Fans were treated to various hits like “Beera Naabo, Boda Boda, Stop, Let’s go and many other songs that had most of us had never heard before.

The beauty about all this was that everything was completely new to our eyes and ears. Maurice Kirya’s is a person you will hardly find performing or even hear his music on radio, but the moment he picks up a guitar and mic you will definelty fall in love with the richness in his music. I remember an incident when Maurice was performing in Kenya everyone kept wondering what he was going to perform, clad in an outfit designed by Santa Anzo and African sandals, sat on the stairs of the stage. The moment he played the first note and sang the chorus of Bina Damu…. The crowd went wild.

Sorry for those who have missed both well there will be another “Maurice Kirya Experience” on the Tuesday, 24th June, 2008 at Club Rouge. Entrance is 5000/-

Check the photo gallery for the previous experience.


Navio of Klear Kut . Tshaka Mayanja . Suzzana Naava .

Maurice Kirya . Maurice Kirya . Ragga Dee .

Ragga Dee . Michael Ross . Maurice Kirya .

Peter . Wallas . Maurice Kirya .

Maurice Kirya . Maurice Kirya .

Maurice Kirya . Maurice Kirya .

Musta & Bienne man . Suzzaana, Cleo, Navio & Bienne Man .

Fifi, Paul and Mathew . Maurice Kirya .

(From right: Maureen and friends . Maurice Kirya .

Flavia looking lovely .

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