Meet Michael Kisto

He is known by the names of Michael Kisto Nsubuga but to many pals he is plain simple Michael Kisto

He is a Ugandan by Nationality, comes from a family of many kids and he is the fourth last born in our family. His musical background is not so different, he started the journey of life in church and partly outside church, though slightly I used to do shadow piano playing he could hear a song he could play piano and then but I joined Kampala Pentecostal church in 1997, here he got a chance to join the youth choir as a singer.   

Later, he started learning sound engineering in the church as the only way to access the music equipment Church protocol then a friend of his taught me a few chords on the acoustic guitar then I transferred them to bass guitar, in the evening he used to go to church grab his bass guitar and try to adventure the unknown music lines little by little he started playing’ bass guitar on his own slowly by slowly.  Way back his nephew and him put money together bought an acoustic guitar at such a time before he was thrown out of the church band, he embarked on playing his acoustic guitar teaching himself self things that he hear in other songs. He finally got a chance     
to work with  a jazz band called Jazz Conexions which used to play at Serena Hotel and he asked the band owner because he used to play with the band and was a church pianist. The owner had seen him in church playing as lead guitarist on Sundays and he allowed him play with them.

He played with them for some time and it was nice experience, I learnt all the old time jazz music from them, we used to play songs like What wonderful world, Take five, All of me, Summer time and all those known nice jazz tunes. For him it was time to learn chords ,scales, modes ,licks and jazz turn abounds as musicians call them then I joined a another band of vibrant young musicians called U4RIA  with guys like Maurice Kirya, Papito and the Blood brothers (Alex and Dater) ,that was  place known as  Blue Mango we used to play Rock and Blues , Reggae ,R n B soul fusing it anyways it was our own thing anyways but it was beautiful . He also played with other bands as well as played guitar for some musicians in the studios as a studio secessionist , played for First Love on the new album, people like the late Tomday, people like Enoch Kisleve and others  of which he later decided to come up with his own music compositions. He recorded three songs: “One mo chance, A good world and East African dance.” “One mo chance” was the first song he recorded he featured one of his friends called Nick Mayas on the choruses and with this song he played the acoustic guitar it’s a kind of smooth jazz feel and sentimental. This is song played on Radio one, Sanyu FM and Power FM.

Staying in South Africa, he has learnt a lot from many musicians within. But now he has come up with his own band called Afro Redemption playing afro jazz music only. They had a chance to be interviewed after a one performance by Soweto TV which many here refer to as DSTV. Now they are composing their own songs and are getting ready to hit the studios and record companies for deals. He isa the lead guitaris in the band I playing an Ibanez semi hall jazz guitar, they have got a trumpet player, pianist, bassist and a drummer.

It’s a good year they think that they will do a lot and many people will hear about them. Right now he is busy composing his own music and started recording it. He believes before the end of this year, they will be done.  He is currently learning studio recording at a friend’s studio which he believes will benefit him in the future.