Meet Mowzey of Leone Island and his Sweet Lady

Mowzey a.k.a Moses Sekiboogo Nakintife, the man behind the common “Jennifer” has now hit the air waves with yet another track (there are more out there) “Sweet Lady”

Mowzey studied in Kibuye Public Primary School , Lake View Senior Secondary School , Kira College and currently pursuing a degree in Psychology at Makerere University .

He started singing in his senior three in the school choir. He later on entered the Youth Alive, in 2000 while he was still in Kira College ; he participated in a festival of which he won the trophy of the best soloist. During his senior six vacation Mowzey did not sing much he just wrote songs i.e “Jennifer” which eventually became hit song

In 2003, he met Chagga, also a member of Leone Island Crew who introduced him to Chameleone and he (Mowzey) joined Leone Island . This also marked a new era in his music career.

He recorded “Jennifer” with help of Chameleone, where Chameleone sang the back-up vocals to the song. (Guess many of you did not know that now you know of go and listen to the song then you will know) After this he releases “Tujakuba awamu” which he recorded in Green grass studio. He later on recorded his third song “Wololo” done by Mystiro Sounds` Daudi Mukalazi. He later went to Dandalow Studios and did “Gwe njagala”, he did the song with Godfrey a basist from the Jekaki Band

e then hooked up with the Goodenuf studios and did “Sweet Lady”

About Sweet Lady

As you all know the song was produced in the famous Goodenuf Studios.  The song was produced by both Pato of the Ngoni and Benon, the other half of Benon and Vamposs. Who wrote the lyrics, Mowzey wrote the lyrics himself.

The song is about a girl you meet somewhere, want to talk to here but you don`t know where to start. To avoid the common lines, you ask her for her number, seeing her might be hard, so you try praising her “so unique can`t match her looks. There is a Kiswahili part meaning you know I miss you, how long shall I wait, Sweet lady believe me come home and I show you to my neighbours if it is not you then who is it”

We also have a lady joining in and saying “if I am you lady I will give you ma number”

Monday, 06th December, 2010

Big deal for Radio and Weasel by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256-782233273)

The rate at which Telecom companies are vying for supremacy has really gone to another level because after reducing their calling rates, they have resorted to several big artists to run their promotions.

The latest info is that Radio and Weasel have been offered 50 million shillings to do commercials for Uganda Telecom starting last week. On addition to the cash offered to the duo, they as well received three blackberry cell phones with airtime to run them for three months as part of their packages.
They are to appear on Billboards, flyers, TV and Radio ads, and perform on only Utl sponsored events. Already, they have started promoting UTL’s “Kwiktalk”.

However, after the two blackberries were shared between Radio and Weasel, the remaining one caused a commotion between managers Allan and Jeff Kiwa with the former saying he’s the one who organized the deal and the latter saying he’s their overall manager.