1 on 1 with Myco Chris

Those that have heard the name Myco Chris probably heard during the famous Sabrina days. Many of us came to learn of Myco Chris last year from the famous ‘Zino Enaku’ hit where he featured Moses Radio. After this there was no turning back. He has released hits like ‘Kabiite Wange, Maisha wa Milele’ and many more. Myco Chris is yet to launch album this weekend Sunday, 07th June, 2009 at Club Volts. Entrance for VIP is 15 Pounds and 10 Pounds for the rest. Myco Chris talks to us about his musical ambitions and journey.

Myco began singing 15 years ago at St. Paul’s Cathedral Namirembe at the age of 9. At the age of 13, he broke out of the choir into secular music, mainstream music under Shanks ViviDee. He joined a group called “Xtra Grim” which consisted of Chagga, Rutty Martin, Omwana Isaacs. Shanks was the overseer of the group what many would refer at as the manager. Shanks was also the lead role-model on music at that time.

From left to right: Omuana Isaacs, Myco Chris, Kuklee, Chagga & a friend

At the age of 17, he started his solo-career. He hit Sabrina’s pub and won a contest thus the title Mr. Sabrina which he held for a year. After that he went back to gospel music at Kansanga Miracle Centre. While there he formed a Boyz Gospel Crew which consisted of Luther T, Mathew Nabwiso, Paul Arshley, Kyobe Christopher just to mention a few. When asked why the inconsistency in the genre of music he said, “Most of the friends had become like family. Most of them had left Sabrina and some come to UK and the few that were left were doing gospel i.e. Julian Ken Wonder had left Sabrinas, Chizzo and Kuklee went to the UK and Iryn had gone to France. That is I decided to go to Kansaga Miracle Centre”

In 2002 he left Uganda for UK to study Sound Engineering at West Minister, he then later started his own Record Label called The Myco Chris Records in 2006. He later got a deal with EMI, a writing deal. He joined LIC (Living In Christ) as a lead singer and song writer. In 2007 he left LIC and started producing music for underground kids in the UK.

In July 2008, he started working on his African project which included songs like Zino Enaku, Kabiite Wange and Maisha Milele. Right now he in the final stages of his international album, once he is done, he plans  to extend the Myco Chris Record to Uganda and he hopes to come down in November.

Myco Chris Taking Ugandan Music to the Next Level - By Peter Allen Kigonya

Where would the world be without change? Without change there would be no music as we know it for even that first African drummer had to go against some norm to introduce his new sound to his village who might have resisted it initially as foreign. The rate at which the youth today are changing Ugandan music is incredible. It used to be that once an artist got established in Uganda they remained just that... Established! At least for some time.

Myco Chris Launches His Massive single “Kabiite Wange”.

 Myco Chris, the new music sensation, behind the hit single “Zino Enaku”, “Kabiite Wange” finally announces his presence with  a massive launch party of his hit single “Kabiite Wange” in Club Volts, in Edmonton-London UK. Myco Chris, one of Uganda’s best music producers, singer/songwriter launched the much awaited, and most air-played “Kabiite Wange” single  with a lot of pomp and fanfare. The show was sponsored by the weekend Xpress, Club Volts, 360° Management and Promotions, and www.findugandanbusiness.com, and Uganda Entrepreneurs Network.

Myco releases “Njagala Gwe Weeka”

After a few months of silence, Myco Chris comes out with a new song. The song titled “Njagala gwe weeka” meaning I love you alone. The song is a house kind of arrangement and is sang in mainly Luganda. The song was written, sung and produced by Myco Chris at Myco Chris Records in London. Myco has been touring in promotion of his previous Album and the past two months been in studio trying to come up with a new sound which he knows we will reckon with in this new error. Well him being an R n B singer and producer he decided to bring you the new sound of R n B that is why hs sound is rather different from the ongoing sound. He sends love to his fans and thanks to you all for their continuous support.

Myco Chris Productions forever One

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Myco Chris and Chizzo release new Collabo

It’s just like yesterday that Myco Chris and Chizzo were a big hit at Sabrina's pub a famous bar in the 90's on Bombo road. Well they are back collaborating on a brand new single entitled “Gwe Wange” which was released on Friday 17th internationally and soon to be released officially in Uganda. The song itself was written and arranged by both Myco Chris and Chizzo, produced and recorded at Myco Chris records in London. It talks about a happy relationship that gets even rosier by promises made by the man to the woman that they will never be another despite the hardships, problems and even tears that might be involved...!It's a true R&B dance tune which will have revellers straight to the dance floor.

Monday, April 04th, 2011

Gwendolynn Mukulu Chris launches her album "Changed My Life" in the UK.

Everyone who attended Singer Myco Chris’ wife and daughter to the famous play writer Mr. Alex  Mukulu, Gwendolyn Mukulu’s album launch agrees that she will achieve the success that seems to have eluded other gospel singers the likes of Fiona Mukasa.Her ‘You changed my life’ album has been applauded as a breath of the much needed fresh air into the gospel music in the UK.

Lynn who hardly looking more the performing artiste surprised everyone with her obvious immense talent and strong stage presence as she did all of the six tracks on the album.
She had the audience eating out of her hands and when she did her ‘God is Able’ song, she literally brought the house down. ‘I just can’t get enough of that song, I find myself playing it all the time,’ revealed Pr Grant who was among the audience.

The launch is believed to be the most successful of all album launches that have taken place in the Uk. From band to the audience it was a full house. The album was mainly produced by her husband Myco Chris with the help of a top UK gospel/Afro-pop producer Ken. "Talk of keeping it in the family!"

Many that have listened to the album agree with the fact that such art and creativity was put into this project. It has touched many a heart to the very extent of those who are not Christians. The album is on sale on iTunes and most major stores in the UK and will be available to buy in Uganda and other countries in the month of May this year.

Wednesday July, 31st, 2013

Totally set free – Myco Chris live at the hippodrome

Myco Chris is an anointed worshiper, award winning singer, song writer, and music producer with seven years’ experience. He is also a radio personality and motivational speaker. His passion is to make the world a better place by knowing the light who is Jesus the Christ.Myco is a BEFFTA Award winner and 2013 Africa Gospel Awards nominee. He is currently working on his first gospel album which will be recorded live during the Totally Set Free concert which he is set to headline at the prestigious 2000 seater capacity venue The Hippodrome, Golders green, London NW11 7RP on Saturday the 31st of August 2013.

Tuesday, September 03rd, 2013

Myco Chris changes concert date.

With regret we want to bring your attention to Totally Set Free concert date being moved from the 31st of August 2013 to Saturday the 28th of Sept 2013 due to Technical problems. Our apologies for all inconveniences caused, believe you me changing the date was the last thing any of us wanted to do but for the best of delivery we have been forced to move the concert to Saturday the 28th of September 2013. Please note that all tickets purchased are valid for the 28th and anyone that had not yet your chance is here to be part of a great opportunity to spread the good news of the Gospel through music.  Once again our sincere apologies and please do keep us in your prayers for we are one big family.

Myco Chris Team. "