Nalongo Likudhe of Buwenge, Busoga

Busoga Pride Cultural Group


It's quite an interesting experience meeting people like Nalongo Lukudhe for the first time. After having a close look at her, she came through as a lady with a vision for her career. That's when she visited us on the first floor of the N.I.C building. Nalongo's a cultural/traditional artist specializing in the Kisoga folk songs that include dances such as; Irongo, Nalufuka, Tamenha, Amayebe etc.

At age 39, Lukudhe doesn't seem to have lost it yet; she has a group comprising about 54 persons and is ready to bring folk music to the limelight. "Some people don't take us seriously" she hints in a laid back tone.

 She started singing with a Buwenge (Jinja district) based group called THE GOLDEN PERFOMANCE which she quit after many years of service "I started singing at age 6 because my parents were artists as well" She's also proud that she came up with the song that launched the Isebantu (King) of Busoga's enthronement and further states that this makes her proud of her roots.

 She's also done a cassette tape which she says was poorly recorded by a one producer called Mukembo in Jinja town, but still insists that she has not yet given up on her talent as it's the only asset she's got apparently. As it often is with Ugandan music artists, her sole obstacle is the lack of financial prowess to let her achieve her dreams. And this she says has halted most of her projects 'cause almost everybody's looking down upon traditional African music (not musicuganda of course).

I went ahead and asked her about her source of inspiration: "I was inspired by a Busoga crooner named Siraje who also taught me how to play the drum" She's also featured in a couple of music videos especially during the Jua-kali concert held at Lugogo.

 Lukudhe also urges all groups of people to go ahead and support her group that goes by the name; 'Busoga Pride Cultural Group' based in Buwenge and continues to state that there's cause for this support. We at music wish you success in your endeavors.
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