Navio speaks out by Isaac Ssejjombwe

A lot has been going on concerning the hip hop fraternity in Uganda. Music Uganda was able to catch up with Navio one of East Africa’s finest in hip hop and had this to say.

Of recent, you have been on tour. Can you please talk about them? Well, I’ve been in Rwanda and Burundi for musical tours and they were successful as a lot of people turned up since it was my first time in the two countries and from there, I’ll be joined by Myth and Unique to Nairobi for the WAPI concert on the 22nd of this month and finally I’ll be in Tanzania on the 28th of this month with the rest of the Klear Kut members who include Papito, Lungman who is currently in German and JB who is in the U.S..

Who funds your Tours?
NARVCORP finances the tours and it is not only me but even the rest of Klear Kut members.

Talk about your music videos especially Ngalo?
The desert Part was shot in the Middle East while the rest were shot in Cineplex, Shaggy’s carnival show and my album launch.

With many deserts in Africa don’t you think that was wastage of resources to travel to the Middle East for just a video clip?
I for one do things to the extreme and I believe the fans should know how I spend the money they invest in me. Besides, the deserts in Africa have harsh conditions so I had to travel to make the video look splendid.

Talk about your recently concluded album launch?
It was an amazing prototype launch that saw many people support me and the hip hop genre of music and let me use this chance to thank all people who turned up for the launch.

Before the launch, rumor had it that you were flying in the legendary Naughty by Nature what happened to that deal?
That is the deal that was never going to happen because it was just a proposal to me by Kazoora. I wanted to take my chances and see how the launch would turn out since it was my first and the first for any hip hop artist which showed me that hip hop has to come up in a unique way and artists can trust their products.

Did you quit Klear Kut?
Let me take this opportunity to make it clear to the whole world that I’m still a member of klear Kut and when the boys return next month; our projects will start as soon as possible.

You and GNL are at loggerhead, is it true?
Allover the world, hip hop has always been about confrontation but the whole thing started with the GNL camp saying that I never dedicated myself to Klear Kut that I was concentrating more on my solo career than reviving group. GNL  thinks he’s so big yet he’s worth 30million shillings going by the deal he has with platinum while I’m worth 200 million shillings.

What if GNL provokes you, would you hit back?
He has already done that in Mr. DJ but I hit back through my verse but if he does it again, I would act accordingly because I’ve lived with him for four months so I know how to bring him down simply because I approached Shadrack and told him about GNL’s capability and that is how he got signed to platinum entertainment.

Is it true you can’t sing Luganda?
However much I want to, I can’t sing Luganda but I’m learning through my mom but the reason to why I can’t sing Luganda is basically because I spent most of schooling life in Kenya ever since I was five and besides hip hop is diverse whereby anyone can sing in any language they are good at like many artists in Uganda sing lugaflow which is dynamic but I believe I’m the best when it comes to rhyming in English.

Does spending much time in Kenya mean you are conversant with Swahili? If yes how come we haven’t heard of any Swahili track from you?
I can sing Swahili provided some one writes for me the lyrics.

How about your education?
I spent most of my schooling life in Kenya and South Africa and last March, I graduated in international relations and media communication studies at Monash University in Johannesburg.

What next for Navio?
I’m organizing a new project called the ugaflow battalion which is going to send out a positive change in society and every month, a mixed tape will be produced which will have songs from every artist in the battalion. We shall also tackle different aspects like child sacrifice, poverty or anything related whereby artists will sing about that specific
problem in different languages in Uganda because that is what ugaflow is all about.
We also have NAVCORP which is a music promotions and advertising consultancy.

What are the requirements for one to join the ugaflow battalion?
For one to join the battalion, we need all their details, 2 passport photographs, 2 reasons for joining, purchasing a ugaflow t-shirt that goes for 20,000shs and their entire music catalogue.

Were do you see Navio three years from now?

Three years from now, I’ll perhaps be concentrating on my international career had to give back to my Ugandan fans that is why I spent two years on the local scene but for now, my next album will be African hustler which will feature artists like Juacali from Kenya, 2face from Nigeria, Kid Fox, Peter Miles, Wyre and blu 3. Production will be by Sam lama, Ethan who is the main producer, Steve Jean and Allan of D records. I’m also looking forward to working with golden child who is sShaggy’s producer.

Your email address? Its

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