Ndere troupe 

Functional cultural performers and promoters. ”The diversity of Ndere troupecannot be matched by anyone. They can perform folk dances and songs from ANY part of Uganda.

Aboluganda Kwagalana  

They do traditional folk music and dance as well and can entertain guests at occasions like graduation parties and conferences. They have vast experience and have been on tour in Europe.  They also do composition, so, if you have a new product on the market and need to have a traditional jingle for it, contact them through their Director atThe National theatre. Go to the Reception and ask for Mr. Sempeke. He has been composing and performing traditional music since 1945. With an over sixty years’ experience, he you can bet he has seen it all. He has made music for more years than Uganda has been independent and he is still at it.

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Zeroing in on Ndere Troupe

Story by Saint CA

Your favorite all-round Ugandan traditional and cultural music troupe have finally shifted to their new home at the Ndere Center, Their new contacts are at the bottom of this page. Read Saint CA's review of the group below

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You've heard about them, probably watched them, but do you know about them? Founded way back in 1986, one of its aims was to rekindle, among Ugandans, the sense of pride towards cultural practices, basically for the rural to meet the urban.

The Director of Ndere Troupe, Mr.Rwangyenzi Stephen believes that cultural activities still dominate and influence individual and community behavior to a great extent. Thus through the medium of development theatre the group contributes to human development and understanding as they work with NGOs.

The word ''endere'' means flute thus NDERE TROUPE means flute troupe. But why the flute? It represents beauty and universal unity since all peoples of the world have a flute in their cultures. Ndere Troupe prides in emphasizing commonalities and enjoying the rich differences. Since 1986, the group has produced several educative plays such as:

Munaku (1988), Ekirabo (1991), Time Bomb ('93) and currently Waakareeba to mention but a few. Countries toured include: Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Canada, Kenya among others and have each time had resounding success. They have released four CDs ,two in the USA, two in the Netherlands, two international educational videos-one by the JVC/Smithsonian museum(USA) and the other by SFINX OF Denmark. Their repertoire of over forty authentic dances and songs are accompanied by instruments rallying from the xylophone(amadinda) to the tube fiddle(endigidi).Dances include Kizino(of the Bakiga), Ding Ding (Acholi) and Bakisimba, a royal dance from Buganda.

Judging from the energy and enthusiasm of the dancers it is not hard to conclude that Ndere Troupe is Africa's Dancing Encyclopedia. And as they say, ''When you see Ndere
Troupe, you have seen Africa." Moreover they even emphasize the importance of education by recruiting youth who, though talented, hasn’t got enough funding to get ‘em through school. They cater for this and at the end of the day you have managers, teachers, accountants and the like efficiently-professionally running the “show”.

So where can you catch them? Fear not, they have a home. Every weekend they ‘re at the Ndere Centre in Ntinda ….go check ‘em out!

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Functional cultural performers and promoters. ”The diversity of Ndere troupe cannot be matched by anyone. They can perform folk dances and songs from ANY part of Uganda. They always perform for crowds at The International conference center on sunday evenings and kept crowds smiling.

They have been in competitions with traditional groups from all parts of Africa an are known in African and international circles.

Ndere Centre
Plot 2872 Ntinda-Kisaasi Road.
P.O.BOX 11353 Kampala.

Tel 041 288 123, 041 288 222
Tel/Fax 041341776.
E-mail info@ndere.com
Website www.ndere.com