BY Music Uganda reporter

Friendship was initiated with a firm handshake smile and a brief introduction. This was when PA-2 stepped into our musicuganda office to break the good news that a new album was out. He is part of a new Ugandan Hip-hop/RnB duo called NGONI. The second member of the group is Aydee who is also a Ugandan producer and 'Goodenuff entertainment' proprietor based in the UK. He is a qualified sound engineer and is very swift with keyboards, synthesizers and Boards of production, in other words he's got skills!!!

The title of their new album is "Be Mine" named after one of their lead tracks. Both PA-2 and Aydee produce this album. Some of the work on this was done in Kampala at BK Studios. They have been closely collaborating with producers like Joe Tabula who recorded the vocals for one of their tracks (Love 2 Party), Steve Jean who gave them advice as they did the project, Andrew Kiwanuka (produced Bobi Wine's "Kagoma"), Robert Segawa and others.

Mo Money Angenoir
Sunita Reagaton Banacity
Amateeka gwo Mukwano Biguula
Digi rmx ft Grace Nakimera Digi ft Mosh
Izikulu Nasima Gwe ft Babaluku
Malaika Maama ft Bushoke
Mimi Na wewe ft AY Omwami ft Desire Luzida
Nakupenda ft Buchaman Black, Yellow, Red ft Kawesa
Nazza Gwaki Sirimba ft Lady Jay Dee
Niogonje Love to Party ft Nonini
Onzita Nkulubuse ft Sunami Ndogo
Rose Nsotta ft Sizza
Sunita Thinking About You