Omulangira Suuna; The voice behind; Obama song.

When you speak of sheer vocal ability and audio and visual  production talent, you’ll have hard pressed not to think about the ever enterprising pearl of Africa music award winning artist Omulangira Suuna. He together with Moses Radio and Weasle won last year’s ward for the song of the year category for their song Nakudata which he produced at his Maureen studios.

The highly pitched vocal artists artistically stands out with his tinted hair that he says is his trademark for easy recognition in an industry he claims one needs to easily be identified by his fans as a promotional stunt. The flamboyant artist who’s been at it for the past two years is also an accomplished songwriter, vocal trainer, instrumentalist and audio and visual producer. He’s written songs for Michael Ross for the song Nkwetaaga(I need you),Lady Mariam’s Guma Nange(stay by me),Iryn Namubiru’s new track omuddu, Morris Hasa(of the kaleke kasome fame),and his own praise song for the   president Barak Obama.

Suuna also produced the chart bursting song Muko Muko for Dj Michael, Nakudata for Moses Radio and Weasle’s Lwaki onumya(why do you hurt my feelings),Ngamba and the dou’s video for the song Zuena under his Os/Abex media as well as another praise song for his ex girlfriend’s s favorite soccer team Manchester united. In Uganda’s music industry the shows one has featured at can as well be used as a yardstick to measure their industry weight or rather prowess maybe having featured at big shows such as different product launches, last year’s Jose chameleon launch, The PAMawards Nomination’s bash, recording artist Bobi Wine’s launch and is also a regular performer at the Leone island(Home to Jose chameleon)nights that happen at the Kabalagala based café cherry every Monday. He’s also into the business of producing company audio and visual product promos, radio and television station Id’s and has already done some for brands like Moonberg Lager and Wavah water.

Speaking of performances and shows, he’s already booked for a Valentine’s Day show in Juba where he’s a big hit. When not doing production work at his Maureen studios you’ll find him cracking jokes with cronies over a game of snooker during his free time. So you might be interested in hooking up with him if you’re a single lady, oops, hold on a while he’s already engaged for now and chasing his big dream of winning a Kora award for his career’s lifetime.  Contact Suuna through;+256-772-992635 or +256+772-641032