Meet Papa Shante Bushman

Papa Shante Bushman (Safari Robertl) was born in 1980 in Nairobi where his parents had fleed in to exile. He went to School at Olympic primary school and later in 1988, he returned to Uganda with his parents. He joined Nakivubo settlement primary school in 1989 where he completed his PLE Exams.

In 1997 he joined St.mark secondary school and this is where he started music career playing raegae and dance Hall ragga.He was inspired by Buju banton's voice ( Hardcore) and he always wanted to be like him. During his stay at St. Mark, he was elected Entertainment prefect and he used to organise karaoke shows which helped him improve his voice.

Bushman beferiended many DJs around kampala and could travel with them where ever they were going to perform which greatly contributed to his carier in the music industry.

Bushman's first song was the '999 police' featuring Ken wonder and it was recorded with support from uncle Dennoh one of the best producers around Kampala. Bigup to him. His best song was Silaba Nsonga and his mentors have been Buju Banton, Sizzla and capelton.

He hates Artists who keep on fighting amongst them selves instead of teaming up to develop the Ugandan music industry.

Apart from singing, Bushman is a graphic designer and also participates in community work especially in supporting the disadvantaged ghetto youths.

His dream is becoming an international musician and requests support from all of you out there to enable him realise his dream.