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Pastor Wilson Bugembe To Perform At 2010 UNAA DC Convention

Acclaimed gospel singer and preacher, Pastor Wilson Bugembe, will appear in concert at the 2010 UNAA convention in Washington DC. Hailing from the Southern Uganda district of Masaka, Pastor Bugembe grew up amidst some of the worst circumstances imaginable. Following the death of both of his parents and 4 of his 5 brothers from HIV related illnesses, the young Bugembe descended into an abyss of hopelessness and ended up homeless on the streets of Kampala with no shoes, one yellow shirt and a pair of shorts.   But God never forsakes his people.  With the help of a several good Samaritans, Bugembe left the streets, returned to school, and joined a Christian organization which facilitated his rehabilitation process.
Today, Pastor Wilson Bugembe is the Senior Pastor of one of the fastest growing congregational churches in Uganda and his life journey is both a testament to God’s grace and an inspiration to many throughout the world.
Pastor Bugembe is regarded as one of the best gospel artists in East Africa.  Among his many inspiring hits are Yellow, Komawo Eka, Njagala Kumanya, Kani, and Ani.
Pastor Bugembe is the Senior Pastor and Administrator of Light the World Ministries in Kampala Uganda
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Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Pastor Bugembe in trouble with other pastors by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256-782-233273)

Straight from a successful musical and gospel preaching tour in the USA, Pastor Wilson Bugembe reached Kampala on info that his fellow Pastors regarded him as a disgrace after it emerged that he is on the verge of releasing a song about Sodomy.

We are yet to establish the title of the song the pastor cum artist is to release but info reaching us is that he talks of pastors ’s who are involved in sodomising kids and deceiving people of their powers. 

“He’s basically aiming at tarnishing our names through this particular song but we are not going to sit around and see him do that. He also has a lot of dirt on his shoulders which we are going to expose soon.” Were some of the words said by a certain pastor (names withheld) to Wilson Bugembe.

Riding high on songs like Kani, Komawo Eka, and the latest Ani, Pastor Bugenmbe ounce said that there is no problem in going to clubs, hangouts and gathering places so long as you go their to preach. “You can transform at least 10 lives through preaching to those people in hangouts, clubs instead of waiting for them to come at your church.” Pastor Bugembe said. This statement angered other pastors who referred him as a disgrace among themselves.

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

Where's Your Ticket to Heaven?

Wilson Bugembe, one of Uganda's favourite gospel artistes and Pastor at Light the World Church, Nansana, has added another album to his musical repertoire. The album, Biribabitya, has seven songs, which are already rocking airwaves and dancehalls. Bugembe skilfully employs descriptive lyrics, metaphorical situations and similes, which enable him to deliver spiritual and social messages with utmost effect. The titlesong, Biribabitya (How will it be?) has proved to be the most popular item on the album. The song provokes you to reflect on what will prevail at the gates of heaven on the day of judgement. The wretched and the affluent, the weak and the powerful will queue together as they try to make their way through the gates! Imagine such a spectacle! How will the righteous react as the angels usher them into heaven? And what will be the reaction of those that God will condemn to hell?

Tuesday, September 04th, 2012

Pastor Bugembe Defies Concert Jinx - Draws Thousands

HE knelt down and practically pleaded with his fans not to snub his show like they have done many others lately. This was during an interview Pastor Wilson Bugembe gave Bukedde TV's music show Omubimba last Wednesday. The launch concert for his album Biribabitya took place last Friday at Hotel Equatorial Parking. Recently, two concerts that featured international artistes, Jamaican dancehall/ reggae stars Dermaco and Wayne Wonder and American R&B singer Sisqo flfl opped respectively. It has been so bad that some show promoters have allegedly either postponed shows or backed out of deals. But a combination of a popular song and his reputation; sound organisation by show organisers, Turbo Rayz Entertainment ensured that Pastor Bugembe put up one of the most attended concerts this year. Over 2,000 people attended the show. The show kicked off at exactly 7:30pm with performances from various upcoming gospel artistes, who entertained the crowd. Organisers perfected the sound, lighting and the seating arrangement while security was tighter than average.

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