Peter's Profile: Walk a mile in Peter's shoes

Born 29th September 1980, Peter Miles a.k.a. Peter Kanyike Miles has established himself as Ragga-Dancehall King. He atteneded BudoJuniorPrimary School formerly known as Kabinja but his career as a dancehall artist started in his Senior One while he was at St. Lawrence Senior Secondary School for his O’ Level. He later went to KabojjaSeniorSecondary School, where he was the Entertainment Prefect. Peter has just completed his a Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism and Airways Travel

Way back in Primary, he was more into R’n’B music. He used to mime raps and copyrights from famous musicians like Bobby Brown.

He continues to tell us that his ismusic is basically the new dancehall in the sense that he blends it with real Ragga and puts in a local touch, which includes local languages like Luganda, Swahili and Patois, which is a Jamaican language. This makes it easier to penetrate both the Local and the East African/International market.

African Child Nakutaka with Menshan
Just a feeling Nkusaleko with Menshan
Mukwano Olimba Onjagala with Menshan
Nice and Polite One Time with Menshan
Nkulota Owulira Otya with Menshan
Olabika Bulungi Praise God with Menshan
Blessing with Demarco Rakus ft Navio with Menshan
Oja with Juliana Kanyomozi Hot Party Wine rmx with Spice
Tonfaako with Menshan Yesu Agamba with Menshan
Nice & polite rmx with Menshan & Elephant Man Combination ft EABC with Menshan
Chini with Menshan Tonight with Mr Chicken
Heha Heha with Menshan Ooh Aah with General Levy
Leya with Menshan Satisfaction with Jaquee
Love with Menshan Imagine with Kid Fox
Luliba Lumu with Menshan Full Attention with Levysill
Muwala with Menshan Mschana with Nazizi
Muziki with Menshan