Meet Peter Kato

Peter Kato a.k.a Producer Peter Kato Executive Producer of Sema Productions Canada. He started music back when he was still in Uganda in his primary school where he was the president of the drama club making me on of the best dramas in school and that was in primary 3.

He then started playing music in church and mixing beats using the school keyboard just to better the church hymns. Everyone loved it when he got behind the keyboard. Moving on to high school, he had improved in his talent  but he laid low and moved to dancing which he was good at first and then became better at making the best in school after the best had left the school. Anyway during his holidays in school, he formed a dance group and did some karaoke and performed in different pubs thus expanding the talent his then became a dance choreographer /dj...Played music on low-key and trained various dance groups which if he was considered a very good hip-hop dance choreographer and he was taking audio production lessons a the same time on line and practicing at the same time.

He practiced music productions for four years and later moved to Canada to expand his experience he has worked with a number of upcoming Canadian artists which has helped him understand the kind of music played here and mix it up with the Ugandan type of music. In Uganda he has not worked with any big artists coz its mainly the upcoming artists he works with to get their talents out ... And also help them with recording though he hopes to work with artists like Desire Luzinda, Master Parrot, and many others, He has also worked with artists like Sizza who I made a remix for with Collie Buddz from Jamaica entitled Wampamba. He is also manager a number of artists including Sensa from Uganda He also does music.