Phad a Rhymz

A Ugandan artist based in Canada, just brand new on the music scene.

PHAD A RHYMZ (Born Fahad Huthyfah Mutumba), a new kid on the block who's come onto the scene with his unique style of music. He blends his Lyrics in English, Luganda, and a bit of Swahili and Lingala. His being multi-skilled makes him stand out, as he is a Poet and composer, he has written all his songs as well as creating his beats. His style comprises RnB, Hip-Hop, Zouk, DanceHall and Reggaeton. He is a Teacher by profession in sciences and English. He studied in UK ,( University of Liverpool )lived in South Africa , and now Residing in Canada , where he is undertaking an Audio Production, Engineering and Management Programme,in one of North America 's leading Institutions in the industry. He is Multi talented, having played soccer for Kansanga Utd, Villa Youth and Police FC in the mid-late nineties. At the moment, he has just released his debut album "RENAISSANCE”, depicting his resurgence onto the music scene.

For details, visit his Website or his MySpace URL which is  to listen to some of his music,plus some viewing upcoming performances.

At the moment,he is being managed by Phaz Capgemini Records Management.