Qwela live in concert “Rhythm & life”
Rhythm & life is a live music and dance production by Qwela in conjunction with dance performers and traditional African music ensemble. “We will play music from our own land Uganda over a fusion of Western and traditional instruments.” The music of Qwela is a socially conscious fusion of African rhythms, melodies with stories and message.

Concert will be held at the Kampala Serena Hotel Victoria Ball room on Friday 20th August 2010 starting at 7:00pm. Tickets are available at Serena and Cineplex for 50,000UGX.
Introducing the show is an epic captivating contemporary dance and music instrumental, with traditional drum rhythms to whet your taste buds flowing into the rest of the show. Qwela band will take you on a musical journey of jazz, soul, fused with ethnic African rhythms through songs, tales and dance.

The show is punctuated with special dance & percussion performances from the Kingdoms of Buganda, Toro, & neighboring Rwanda where the graceful dance hails and to accompany the melodies will be a drama skit performance by the funny yet lovable “kawaida” everyday characters.

Also to look out for is the poignant, yet hopeful story of “Okello”. A young abductee boy who dreams of being a football star, holding to his faith against all odds. The dream only continues…The story is told through songs and the infectious rhythms from Northern Uganda against the powerful visual story on a 32 foot latest technology L.E.D screen provided by Fenon Records that forms the stage backdrop. “Rhythm & life” “

Backed by interactive visual effects, great lighting, smoke filled stage, epic sound, guests will have to fasten their seat belts to contain the satisfaction that Uganda’s top talent exposes.

Qwela will show case their original compositions, songs written by Joseph, Tamba, Alice, James, Mutebi, Gerald & Abraham, to mention but a few, all skillfully blended into a seamless flow. One fan said “Its music from the heart that hits you right between the eyes.”
Guest artists to ride along include the famous Maurice Kirya, Benon with his song “Hope” and renowned guitarist/composer Ouma Michael.

The band will be joined by veteran musicians from the industry to hone and finesse this show to what will be a monumentarty performance in the legacy of Qwela# “Rhythm & life”

A profile of the musicians performing at the concert

Forming the brass section of the band is Emma Anikuru & Brian Seremba, Uganda’s upcoming trumpet and saxophone duo

The percussion section consists of :

1)The talented Roy Kasika, a young Ugandan drummer of Kenyan origin

2) Ricco Del Monte, a seasoned percussion and conga player of South American origin. Ricco has played for decades with Latin salsa bands all over the world before making Uganda his home

3) James Ssewakiryanga, son to the the renowned Ssewakiryanga. James has been in the traditional music performance arts from an early age and shows talent, skill and versatility with traditional musical instruments and style from all over Uganda

The keys section is ably covered by Albert Cook Kwesiga. A young producer and multitalented musician, singer, songwriter, bass, keyboard and guitar player. Albert’s experience starts as far back as when he was three years old

The bass is in the good hands of Sam Bisaso. From a musical family, extremely talented, yet humble and pleasant, Sam Bisaso is as accomplished a bass and keyboard player as he is a producer for top local acts like Juliana Kanyomozi, Kaweesa and Isaiah Katumwa

Ouma Michael, a recording artist, co founder of top Ugandan band “Soul Beat Africa” which has toured all over Europe and the Americas plays the guitar for the concert. Ouma was recently reviewed as “arguably Uganda’s best guitarist” by the City beat magazine and has worked with the cream of Uganda’s music industry, both in the fusion and pop industry. Juliana, Kaweesa, Isaiah Katumwa and even pop acts like Grace Nakimera and the Radio and Weasel duo. Also currently collaborating with “Swangz ave” boss Benon Mugumbya on his new sound “Hope”

The vocal section consists of :-

1) Alice Nakato. A versatile, talented musician. Nakato started out as a dancer with the hip gospel dance act, I4C. She discovered her passion for singing and songwriting with Qwela in 2008. She is behind some of the soulful tunes on the Qwela repertoire.

2) Anita Brenda Asimwe, a soulful Ugandan songstress. Talented in the arts, Anita is also a practicing Architect. Anita is the lead voice in the increasingly popular Qwela Song “Mama tokaaba”

3) Joe Kahirimbanyi is the founder and band leader of Qwela. Also sings lead and backing vocals and is the brain behind some of the songs on the Qwela repertoire

4) Tamba, a young Ugandan singer, songwriter and co-founder of the gospel vocal acappella group S.A.L.T. Tamba has been singing since she was a child she has grown into a soulful songwriter to be reckoned with
“Rhythm & life”

About Qwela

Raised in a traditional African background and influenced by western culture, Qwela as a band have come up with a unique fusion of African music with a Western musical approach. Their niche- reaches a section of society that is not catered for by the current of digital, recycled music.

What started as a group of young musicians playing popular contemporary renditions four years ago has become a fully fledged live act with a following on the thresh hold of a musical revolution in Kampala. “We believe that this is the trend currently growing on the scene.”

They have performed alongside artists like Legendary Kenyan singer, Eric Wainaina, Chris Adwar & The villagers (Kenya), Rock band Riff Raff (Ireland), Amp Fiddler (Detroit), Kinobe and Soul Beat Africa (Uganda), Claire Phillips (South Africa). Qwela has worked with popular national artists like, Kawesa and Maurice Kirya. They were named top live act of 2009 by the New Vision, band survey.

Qwela hosts jam packed evening shows at Katch the Sun Bugolobi, Boda Boda Garden city, BBQ lounge Centenary Park and Emin Pasha Hotel Nakasero every week on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday respectively.

Qwela has one album to their credit “Kidepo” (2008); the latest being their single “Mama Tokaaba” off the upcoming album to be released this year.

“Rhythm & Life” Qwela Music Limited P.O Box 743 Kampala Tel: 0712 990222/0712 807287 Email: info@qwelamusic.com Web: www.qwelamusic.com

Qwela live in concert “Rhythm & life”

Rhythm & life was a live music and dance production by Qwela in conjunction with dance performers and traditional African music ensemble. They certainly kept their word when they said “We will play music from our own land Uganda over a fusion of Western and traditional instruments.” The music of Qwela is a socially conscious fusion of African rhythms, melodies with stories and message.

The Qwela concert by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256-078-2-233273)

Entrance was 50,000shs, while instruments like the Saxophone, pianos, Guitars, bass bars, drums, Xylophones, trumpets and many were played during the successful Quela Concert dubbed “Rhythm & Life” at Serena Hotel ball room last Friday evening.

Kidepo, Baba, Nkabanyine, Komago, Be, Flash back and finally” are some of the songs the band played backed by drummers and traditional dancers.
Okello”, being played with graphics of images at the screen showcasing the whole story of how a young boy’s dream of becoming a footballer was shuttered by rebels until he escaped from the forest to achieve his vision captivated the audience.

Benon of Swangz Avenue didn’t also miss out on the action as he exhibited his “Hope” song that overwhelmed the crowd before leaving the stage to the king of Soul Maurice Kirya who put up a memorable show with his top-of-the-charts-tracks.
Clad in a grey suit and black bow tie, Maurice took to the stage at 9pm with his “Malaika”, Misubawa the lead single off his latest album” and then climaxing with Boda Boda” with a round of applause from the crowd.

With Fenon behind the screens, stage, lightings and sound and sms media, New Vision, Arapapa and Flair as the main sponsors of the event, the Quela concert is surely among the listed successful shows this year’s calender.