Radio & Weasel; Uganda’s Musical Geniuses UNAA DC 2010 Convention

Labeled as musical geniuses, Radio & Weasel took Uganda and the whole East African region by storm in 2008 they released hit after hit, the “boys”, as they are commonly referred to, have cemented their name as the best collaborating duo in Ugandan and East African musical history, a definite great force reckon with.
Radio & Weasel were longtime protégés of Dr Chameleone (since 2004) and under his shadow managed to master the art of music, though not being successful under his wing. They stepped out of his shadow in 2008 and embarked on a musical partnership and acquired the name ‘The Good Lyfe Crew’.

In 2008, they released Nakudata, an instant hit that catapulted them to the top of the charts and garnered them a massive following. This is a carefully mastered song with good vocal quality, powerful harmonic chords, rhythmic styles, a series of hummings to overlap their harmonies that convinces the audience that the song is dance hall hit.

That same year, they released Ngamba, Lwaki Onumya, Zuena, Nakutamani, Single & Searching and Bread & Butter, all monster hits that thrilled their ever growing fan base. They soon wrote and released club favorites like Bread & Butter, their biggest hit yet, incorporating dance moves synonymous with applying butter to bread, forcing fans who dance to this song to follow suit.They took home three awards in 2008 PAM Awards, Best New Artiste, Song of the Yearfor Nakudata and Afro Beat Single for Zuena.Songs coming out of the Good Lyfe camp since 2009 have  included Sitani, Where you are (ft Blue 3), Nyumbani (ft Viboyo),Number Emu, Potential, Ability (ft Rabadaba), Bwebityo, Olea, Kukuu, Chamila da teacher, Ngenda Mu Maaso, Tell Daddy (ft Vamposs)

Radio’s powerful and melodious R&B voice coupled with Weasel’s signature roughneck “rude bwoy” style and great rap delivery have been credited for the group’s success. They currently are the most sought after artists in Uganda, having done tours in East Africa and Europe.

They have released two albums, Nakudata with six songs and Nyambura with about seven songs. They are putting final touches on their third album that will be released in Uganda on May 15th 2010 and in the US on September 5th 2010 at the UNAA Washington DC Convention.

Do not miss Radio & Weasel as they release their 3rd album in the US on September 5th at the UNAA Washington DC Convention and also perform their chart topping hits Nakudata, Nyambura, Zuena, Number Emu, Bread & Butter, Potential and Kiduula

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