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Radio and Weasel: Living the Good Life By Olive Eyotaru Yemima

We have been victims of Bebe Cool's bickering. He thought he would take advantage of being famous to throw me in jail for allegedly assaulting him...

You have probably listened to a number of their songs and seen them perform at concerts yet still have not got enough of them. They have been described as contagious, talented, hit makers, Uganda's version of Chaka Demus and Pliers among others.

Meet Mowzey of Leone Island and his Sweet Lady

Mowzey a.k.a Moses Sekiboogo Nakintife, the man behind the common “Jennifer” has now hit the air waves with yet another track (there are more out there) “Sweet Lady”

Mowzey studied in Kibuye Public Primary School , Lake View Senior Secondary School , Kira College and currently pursuing a degree in Psychology at Makerere University .

He started singing in his senior three in the school choir. He later on entered the Youth Alive, in 2000 while he was still in Kira College ; he participated in a festival of which he won the trophy of the best soloist. During his senior six vacation Mowzey did not sing much he just wrote songs i.e “Jennifer” which eventually became hit song

Is Moses Radio and Weasel “Goodlyfe” plagiarizing by Isaac Ssejjombwe.

Barely two years in the music business as Goodlyfe, Moses Radio and Weasel are facing their worst nightmare for allegedly stealing two songs. The duo is at war with two upcoming groups over ownership of Bread and Butter as well as Number Emu. Two of which helped them up their game in the industry.

The two upcoming artists have been roaming media houses claiming that Weasel and Radio stole the two songs without their consent and efforts to settle the issue is futile with Jeff, the Goodlyfe manager threatening to hurt them if they continue with the allegations.

Goodlyfe hits back at Bebe by Isaac Ssejjombwe.

It seems Goodlyf and Gagamel will stop at to prove their worth in the music industry as more hits are produced by the two camps to out-do the other. Soon after Bebe barked back at his critics especially Goodlyf in his latest hit Boom Bark (Bogolako), saying he feeds the two boys” Carton and Baboon” because they have nothing else to sing about except his family and that he is the only sole reason they are surviving in the industry, the duo are back again with a song called Ability but this time round collaborating with new kid on the block Rabadaba who has proved his potential through hits like Mr. Dj, Bwekili and Silubala. In the song that is a blend of R$B and Dancehall, the triple talk of how their music potential is by Ability and not Opportunity as other artists state it because every single hit they have produced has gone a head to top charts all over East Africa. They also go ahead to say Bebe Cool brags around to be a minister’s son yet he is the poorest musician in East Africa who has nothing to be proud of except his second hand range rover.

Ability is so far the fourth song the duo are dedicating to the king of the jungle after songs like Zuena, Nyambula, Number emu while Bebe has hits like Lwaki seyagala, Cartoon $ Baboon and the latest Bogolako all towards the duo. This is rather interesting because both parties are creative enough to produce hits that are toping charts in the East African region which has led Uganda to be rated the third in Africa concerning the entertainment business.

Radio & Weasel; Uganda’s Musical Geniuses UNAA DC 2010 Convention

Labeled as musical geniuses, Radio & Weasel took Uganda and the whole East African region by storm in 2008 they released hit after hit, the “boys”, as they are commonly referred to, have cemented their name as the best collaborating duo in Ugandan and East African musical history, a definite great force reckon with.
Radio & Weasel were longtime protégés of Dr Chameleone (since 2004) and under his shadow managed to master the art of music, though not being successful under his wing. They stepped out of his shadow in 2008 and embarked on a musical partnership and acquired the name ‘The Good Lyfe Crew’.

Tuesday, November 09th, 2010

MTV, Zain Unveil nomination for the MTV Africa Music Awards with Zain 2010

MTV Networks Africa and Zain have today announced the nominations for the 2010 MTV Africa Music Awards with Zain (MAMA). The nominees for the annual poll of young African’s music tastes were announced tonight at a star-studded celebration at De Marquee, Lagos, Nigeria, attended by artists, nominees, celebrities and VIPs including 2Face, Sasha and Mo Cheddah. The nominations were revealed by Alex Okosi, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, MTV Networks Africa, Andre Beyers, Chief Marketing Officer, Airtel Group and Rajan Swaroop, CEO, Zain Nigeria.

East African artists continued their positive nominations run with five nominations from Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Kenyan Gospel crossover artist Daddy Owen is nominated for the first time in the Best Anglophone category while hip hop outfit P-Unit gets a mention for Best Group and Muthoni is recognised in the Brand:New category. In Uganda there is a first time nomination for Radio and Weasle (Best Group) while Tanzania’s Diamond gets his commendation in the Brand New Category.

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Saturday, November 13th, 2010

Radio and Weasel nominated in MAMAs by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256-782233273)

The goodlyf camp is in jubilation after two of their best and founder members Radio and Weasel received a nod for the best Group in the MTV Africa Music Awards.

They are to face it off with Kenya’s P-Unit, P-Square from Nigeria and South Africa’s Tear Gas.

This is the first major nomination the duo is involved in since their breakaway from Leone Island two years ago.

Hit after hit, the duo has become a house-hold name in the music fraternity especially through songs like Zuena, Nakudata, Bread and Butter, Ngenda Maso among others.

The nomination list was read at De-Marquee in Lagos Nigeria and attended by media practitioners, artists, Celebs and other cooperate companies but the main event is scheduled for the  11 of December at Eko Expo Centre Nigeria.

The Zain sponsored Awards have always been dominated by Nigerians and South Africans but Radio and Weasel have joined Bebe Cool and Blu 3 to be the only Ugandan representatives in the prestigious Awards.

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Monday, 06th December, 2010

Big deal for Radio and Weasel by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256-782233273)

The rate at which Telecom companies are vying for supremacy has really gone to another level because after reducing their calling rates, they have resorted to several big artists to run their promotions.

The latest info is that Radio and Weasel have been offered 50 million shillings to do commercials for Uganda Telecom starting last week. On addition to the cash offered to the duo, they as well received three blackberry cell phones with airtime to run them for three months as part of their packages.
They are to appear on Billboards, flyers, TV and Radio ads, and perform on only Utl sponsored events. Already, they have started promoting UTL’s “Kwiktalk”.

However, after the two blackberries were shared between Radio and Weasel, the remaining one caused a commotion between managers Allan and Jeff Kiwa with the former saying he’s the one who organized the deal and the latter saying he’s their overall manager.

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

Taxi money by Goodlyf $ Sizza man by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256-782233273)

Taxi Money is the latest track to bombard the music industry and it comes from the Goodlyf duo of Moze Radio and Weasel alongside Sizzaman.

Recorded at the Goodlyf studio by Washington, Sizza, throws in an interesting verse about two girls who earlier swindled him of his taxi money but later got even.
Moze comes in with a verse in Lusoga before Weasel ends the last verse.

However, the video is just a complete turn off and if it were up to me, I would just re-shoot the whole thing. The video was shot by Jah live and as we’ve noticed, they are not so good at shooting day videos. Being shot Angelita beach in Entebbe, we expected some shots of the lake but girls in cheap bikinis was all that was displayed.

The video lucks editing, camera angles and color display. It’s as though the artists were given the video straight from the shoot. A wide range of balloons in different colors is yet again another turn off for the video. It’s a fuzzy video that will undoubtedly make you hate the song especially to those who are familiar with quality products.

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

Chameleone thumps Weasel by 1544c ssejjombwe. (+256-782233273)

Goodlyf proprietor and lead singer Weasel was beaten and lost a few teeth in the process after a brawl with his elder brother Chameleone in club Rouge last week during the rock night.

An eye witness confirmed to us that Chameleon flashed the new laser torch he now moves around with in Weasel’s eyes after his Basiima Ogenze track was chosen as the most requested track for the night. In the process, Weasel showed him a middle finger which angered Chameleon to the extent of thumping the “Nakudatta” artist together with his crew members. “After Jose pointed a flash light in Weasel’s eyes, he decided to abuse him that is what caused the chaos in the club. Fighting with other artists is understandable but beating his own brother in public is outrageous”. Our source commented.

He further added that being a full house, people were stepping all over each other running for dear life out of the hangout and people’s property ranging from phones, wallets, money were stolen by some anonymous guys who also kept beating everyone who passed their way.

Jose and the Goodlyf crew members no longer pass as friends ever since the day they left Leone Island crew to form their own camp.
They even further released a track called “Teacher” which is believed to be addressed to Chameleon.

Saturday, January 15th, 2011

Violence in Music

Music is apparently supposed to be a unifying factor between many people and countries. Beef and Violence have always co-existed together since ages ago… there is undoubtly nothing we can do… if there was; I guess 2 Pac would still be alive.
On Friday morning facebook subscribers and some areas in Kampala saw posters dubbed “Lets Unite against Chameleon’s Violence” Later on Friday evening… mobile phone subscribers were treated to text messages from the Goodlyfe and the Leone Island camps.  Whether the messages are from these camps that is yet to be proven.

Chameleone: For da past couple of yrs I’ve acted immaturely. I know. I’ve let down many of my fans & friends. I’ve hurt fellow artistes, promoters and my family. Am very sorry.

Gudlyfe: Weasle & Radio apologize that we have acted immaturely & ashamed our mentor Chameleone. We have let down many of our fans, friends and promoters & families. We r sorry

Gudlyfe: Weasle ne Radio twetondela abawagizi bafe  mwena, lwokubayingiza muntalo zafe. CHAMELEONE mukulu wafe. Tubasuubiza obutamuwebula. Bwetudamu Mutukyawanga. We luv u Dr. (Meaning; Weasle and Radio apologize to all their fans for bringing them amidst their wars. Chameleone is our older brother and they promise not to persuade him again. If we do please hate us)

+8888: Kigambibwa nti Gudlyfe yetondedde mukulu wabwe Chamili abasonyiwe era nga bayise mububaka bwasimu okumwetondera. Ekyebuzibwa Chamili anakiliza okubasonyiwa (Meaning; It is said that Gudlyfe have asked for forgiveness from their older brother Chamili to forgive them and they have used the phone as a means of communication. The question is will Chamili forgive them)

(DISCLAIMER: All content provided in this article was sent through text Messages and has been provided to you like it has been sent in the text messages)

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

Goodlyf get even with Chameleon by 1544c ssejjombwe. (+256-782233273)

Following the clash between Chameleon and his little brother Weasel from the Goodlyf camp, that saw both of them ditched from club Rouge till further notice due to the chaos they caused at the Jinja road based club.

The Goodlyf headed by Weasel and Moze Radio printed over 5000 posters all over town that read! “Let’s fight with hits not fists. let us unite to stop Chameleon’s violence.”

The following evening, Chameleon sent his guys to pluck down all the posters and on learning this, the Goodlyf we’ve been informed are this time printing Flyers that they’ll distribute to people on various functions.

“If the flyers fail as well, Radio and Weasel will set out a drive around the city delivering the message of how they are bringing Chameleon down.

Chameleon is one artist who’s had wrangles with almost everyone in the entertainment circles starting off with artists like Bebe Cool, Bobi Wine, Vampos, Goodlyf, Grace, Ragga Dee among others.

However, Chameleon claims that he slapped Weasel to discipline him. “I slapped my brother to discipline him for taking long to visit our parents. People say Weasel lost his teeth but if someone can open bottles using their teeth then how can a simple slap remove his teeth? This matter is a family business.” Chameleon said. This is a battle that cannot be solved with hits it’s clearly a family matter between the Mayanjas.

Friday, January 21st, 2011

“Ring a bell” (Nakudata rmx) by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256-782233273)

The rate at which Ugandan artists are making remixes of their songs is really high take an example of “Kwekunyakunya rmx, Mr Dj rmx, Bogolako Rmx, Stamina rmx” and now the latest that is rocking the airwaves is “Ring a Bell” by Radio and Weasel.

There are a few similarities between the original and the Re-done version of the song but the eye catcher is the fabulous video shot by Swangz Avenue.

These guys have demonstrated the true meaning of quality videos soon after setting the trends in the Audio department otherwise why would every artist be rushing to Muyenga for at least an audio production, Video shoot or both.

Shot at Royal suites in Bugolobi, “Ring a bell” has the best video settings with cameo display of GNL and Red Banton. The camera angles, color and the Jacuzzi make it an applicable for all ages.

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Monday, February 21st, 2011

1 on 1 with Moses Radio & Weasle

Real Names:  Moses Ssekibogo Nakintije
                          Douglas Seguya Mayanja

How they met!
They met while they working in Leone Island in 2005. It was about the time for the first ever PAM Awards..

Moses Radio
He started singing while in high school. He released his first song in 2005 called “Jennifer” followed by Sweet Lady and many more. He came together in 2007 and recorded “Nakudata” thus leaving Leone Island.

Wednesday, April 06th, 2011

Goodlyf concert sold to Bobkins by 1544c ssejjombwe. (+256 782233273)

Their breakaway from Leone Island approximately two years ago is really paying off after all because the info we received is that the Goodlyf Duo of Moze Radio and Weasel are all smiles after Bobkins bought three of their upcoming album concerts. Kibirige Bobkins, the brains behind Kibo entertainment company gave the Goodlyf duo a whooping 70million shs for their forthcoming concerts slated for the 13th of May. The events organiser was also responsible for two of their previous album concerts the last being the battle between Goodlyf and Grace Nakimera last year.
Having over 30 songs, the Goodlyf’s album has become the most expensive to be sold to an events organiser.  The album has songs like ‘Talk Lwaki Tokula and Taxi Money among others and Africana is the venue the main event is slated to take place.

Friday, April 29th, 2011

Moses Radio & Weasle to launch

KIBO MEDIA, Presents East Africa's Dynamic Duo Radio & Weasel, launching their 3rd Studio album titled, “TALK & TALK" in the biggest LIVE concert of the year  featuring top artist guest performances from Juliana, Iryne, Sizza Man, Bobi Wine, Wafagio, Diamond Oscar, Red Banton and many more. The shows will take place on the 13th May 2011 at Hotel Africana, 14th May 2011 at Satellite Beach Mukono and 15th May 2011 at the KK Beach Gaba.

Tickets go for 20,000 General Seats and 50,000VIP.

Come see awesome stage light and visual technology for the first time in Uganda. Proudly sponsored by Club Beer, Coca Cola, Rwenzori, All-in-Trade & Capital FM. Facebook & Internet Marketing by XSCAPE & TOMATO DIGITAL

Tuesday, 24th May 2006

Goodlyf prove a point by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256 782233273)

Last May 13th Friday, the Goodlyf duo proved to critics that they are among the top four artists in the region despite the tumoil the country is growing through of late. Just in their third year since getting independent, Moze Radio and Weasel launched their “Talk and talk” album last Friday at Hotel Africana people’s space and the crowd was left speechless by the two hour live perfomance.
“Kuku, Lwaki onumya, Zuena, Ring a bell, Nyambula and Camila” were some of the first tracks the duo perfomed immediately they took to the stage at 11pm. Michael Ross,Jackie Chandilu,veterans Emperor Orlando and Ragga Dee, Aziz, Baboon Forest and Keko are some of the artists who curtain raised for the duo before other Goodlyf members including Red Banton, Diamond Oscar and Sizzaman could showcase their talent at the event. “Everything I do, Lwaki tokula, Tobuteleka feat Shanks, Nyumbani and I love you are the other tracks the duo performed but it was “Taxi Money” featuring Sizzaman and Where you are alongside Blu 3 that got the crowd excited.
“Taxi money” was infact done twice and the vocal power between Radio and Lillian while perfoming “Where you are” was the notch for me at this concert. With Soul beat Africa behind the instruments and KIBO Media organising the whole concert, the Goodlyf duo are surel a force to reckon with in the industry.

Thursday, 26th May, 2011

Keko, Goodlyf for Big Brother by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256 782233273)

Keko is to become the first female artiste ever to perform at the Big brother eviction night come the 5th of June 2011. The Buzz Teeniez Award female and breakout artist of the year will team up with the Goodlyf duo at the gala which will have millions of viewers watching from across the African globe.“How we do” rmx is the probable track the three artists will be performing and a reliable source from South Africa tells us that they can’t wait for the trio’s performance because they’ve been hearing a lot about them. This is the second time Radio and Weasel will be perfoming at the “Big brother” event, the first time backing their former boss Chameleon way back in 2006-7 but this time round they are to perform as solo artists. Having a performance on “Big Brother” and being unveiled by Channel O, Keko’s international exposure is sky rocketing and very soon, she’s going to become Africa’s next big name in the Hip Hop circles.

Monday, July 04th. 2011

Moses Radio and Weasel beaten in Tanzania by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256 782233273).

They might be the hottest duo in the music industry, but they will leave to tell last Saturday’s incident in Tanzania while on a musical tour. The duo were booked for a show in Tanzania by one of the top promoters who gave them half of their payment prior to their trip and was supposed to complete the whole payment before they step on stage but what transpired is that the promoter told them he’ll be topping up the remaining balance immediately they are through with their performance.  This didn’t go down well with one of their managers who refused them to perform unless the balance is cleared. The audience started destroying property after which they turned to the “Talk and talk” artists and beat them seriously for refusing to perform. They were later saved by police before they were sent to prison for inciting violence.

Monday, July 04th. 2011

Goodlyf shurn Vampino - Michael Ross“On Fire concert” by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256 782233273).

As Vampino and Michael Ross were launching their “On Fire” concert last Friday the 24th of June at Lugogo UMA grounds, several artists like the Goodlyf, Keko, Rabadaba didn’t come to support them. Keko said she couldn’t go for the concert because she has a contract with Coca cola under her new management Baboon Forest yet the show was sponsored by Mountain Dew. Rabadaba on the other hand says he had three shows that evening and Juliana was not in the country when the concert was held. This leaves us with Goodlyf camp. They had returned from Tanzania, had no shows and were seen at their household in Makindye chilling.  We can excuse the other artists but the Goodlyf artists have made it a habit of not attending other artist’s album launches without any clear reasons. They missed Rabadaba’s “Musanvu Kitundu” concert even after having a massive hit in “Ability. They also didn’t attend Navio’s “Nawulilanga” concert at the beginning of this year and now Vampino and Michael Ross’s “On fire concert”.
With their “Tell it” track alongside Vampino and the relationship Goodlyf has with Swangz Avenue, many were left disappointed by the Goodlyf failure to turn up for the concert yet they claim to be some of the pioneer  members of Locomotive. (Local artistes with a motive). Nonetheless, the concert was a success going by the awesome performances by some of the country’s leading artistes.  With Soul beat Africa backing Michael Ross and Blood brothers playing for Vampino, several other artists like the Baboon Forest, Klear Kut, Kkado Pham, Ragga Dee, Aziz Azion, Peter Miles and Menshan, Grey Naava, Benon, T-Assets and the rest of the Locomotives entertained the crowd that evening.
Performing in sessions, the duo took the audience through their entire musical journey for close to four hours. Swangz Avenue, Talent Africa, Mountain Dew, Blitz Magazine, Record Tv, Hot 100 and Swagg are some of the companies that sponsored the concert.

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Keko/Goodlyf win Channel O Video Music Award by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256 782233273)

With just two years in the music industry, Keko has become one of the most successful hip hop artists after she won a channel O music video award a thing most artists have failed to do. Her “This is how we do” rmx in which she features the Goodlyf duo of Radio and Weasel won the most gifted African East video artist beating P-Unit’s “kare”, “Kigeugeu” by Jaguar, AY ft Ms Trinity’s “Good Luck” and “Action” by various artists. With three nominations, Navio didn’t win anything as his “Keep moving” video couldn’t match Zakes Bantwini’s “wasting my time” for the Most Gifted Video Of the Year, AKA’s “Victory lap for the Most Gifted Hip Hop Video Artist and D’Banj featuring Snoop Dogg’s “Mr Endowed”  in the most gifted male video artist category. The Awards took place last Friday the 10th with EME Singer Banky W and South Africa’s Dineo Moeketsi hosting the prestigious awards.
Keko joined Bebe Cool and Peter Miles to win a channel O video music award.

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Bobkins buys Radio & Weasel launch by 1544c ssejjombwe. (+256 782233273)

Kibo Media agency boss Bobkins Kibirige has bought the Goodlyfe upcoming album launch slated to take place on May 11 at Hotel Africana. We’ve been informed. It’s said that the music promoter bought the launch at a whooping 50 million Ug shs and is now responsible to promote it with the artists only required to perform on the above mentioned day. Bobkins has been behind four of the previous album launches by the Goodlyf and he beat off competition from seven other promoters who were vying for the same launch. The relationship between Bobkins and the Goodlyf goes without mention and that is precisely why they entrusted him with their launch. Though their music has taken a backslide recently, the duo have had a number of hits on this album including “Dudu” in which they feature Shanks Vivi Dee, “Pollination” alongside the Obssession, and “Ngenda kwekola ekintu”.

Monday, April 08th, 2013

Backstage With Goodlyfe Boys by Andrew Kagwa.

From Obudde, Fitting and Ba Customer this year, to the 2012 crossovers such as Can't Let You Go and Fantastic, it is clear that Mowzey Radio and Weasel are set to regain their position at the top of the Ugandan music industry. On February 22, the Goodlyfe duo added the role of TV presenters to their CV when they sat in for Douglas Lwanga on his famous Katogo music show on Record TV. The Observer caught up with the two backstage before they hit the lights and camera for the show. According to Bushington, their manager and producer for the day, the show was a way of connecting to fans directly. "[Our fans] have those burning questions; they want to hang out with us and today, they have us for two hours," said Bushington.

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Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

We Deserve the Award - We've Worked for It - Radio

Singer Mowzey Radio of the Goodlyfe Crew has said that not only is it fitting for the dynamic duo to be nominated as the Best International Act; Africa 2013 in the upcoming BET Awards, but deserve to win the Award too. In a brief interview with the mellow-voiced singer, he said that they have worked very hard to be where they are today and winning the award will be their goal. "Five years ago nobody, including our fellow artistes, would think that we would achieve this! However we left our music to do the talking and here we are; we deserve this award because we have worked hard. We are confident that we shall bring it home," said Mowzey. The duo of Radio and Weasel will battle with 2Face Idibia from Nigeria, Toya Delazy from South Africa, Ice Prince from Nigeria, Donald from South Africa and R2Bees from Ghana.

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Tuesday, 25th June, 2013

Radio & Weasel Finally Acquire US Visas

Goodlyfe singing duo Radio & Weasel can finally sleep soundly after acquiring US visas that will enable them travel to Obama’s land next weekend for the prestigious BET awards. The Insider has learnt that the ‘Magnetoic’ singers finally acquired the much treasured visas to attend the BET awards where they are nominated for Best International Act alongside some of Africa’s finest including South Africa’s Toya Delayz, 2Face Idibia and R2Beez among others. We have however established that Radio & Weasel spent over four days benching at the American Embassy. The singers will be travelling with their manager Jeff Kiwanuka to attend the awards. It is believed that Weasel was the first to get his early last week while Radio and Jeff got theirs a few days back. The BET awards will be live at the NOKIA THEATRE in Los Angeles from 28th-30th June

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Wednesday, July 03rd, 2013

Nigeria’s Ice Prince beats Goodlyfe at BET Awards By Isaac Baligema  

Uganda’s Goodlyfe Crew made history by becoming the first ever Ugandan artistes to have been nominated in the annual BET music awards which were held on June 30 at Staples center, in California. The duo however lost to Nigeria’s rapper Ice Prince but they feel it was an achievement for the Uganda music industry.They have also sent congratulatory message to Prince.Goodlyfe was battling with Donald and Toya Delazy from South Africa, 2Rbees from Ghana, 2Face Idibia and Ice Prince from Nigeria.Shortly before they announced Prince as the best international act; Africa, Goodlyfe took to Facebook and said; “Tonight we take a step to triumph….wherever we go we carry our nation with us….as the world converges to celebrate art, to celebrate talent from across the world, we are happy to have a great nation UGANDA mentioned in the loud screams….we already feel like winners to be here and if we win, we win for you our fans, our families, our friends and our nation Uganda,”.

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Saturday, July 06th, 2013

Radio & Weasel Blast Radiocity’s Dave Dash

Uganda’s first ever BET awards nominees Radio & Weasel have blasted Bugolobi based Radiocity presenter Dave Dash real Davis Lukwago. Trouble for the dread locked fella started when he posted a comment on his Facebook page Dash Gossip Live that rubbed the ‘Magnetic’ singers the wrong way. “So BET did you think Radio and Weasel had a chance?” this was what Dave Dash posted. The singing duo using Radio’s Facebook page Ki Radiology shot back at Dash and the entire Radiocity family. “Radio city’s ignorance is far beyond amusing….hhhhmmm bambi u think radio and weasel being compared with 2face and ice prince means nothing? We’re busy rubbing shoulders with other international music giants right now and u can write such rubbish…wat a shame…maybe u forgot that we were there for Uganda…next time you should ask your favourite music dwarfs to represent u…I thought you knew better than that…bambi ffe tuli proud to have made history for Uganda coz none has done it before…shame upon u…let’s continue our struggle team Uganda…This is just the beginning…” Radio posted.

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

Battle of the Champions: Bebe Cool vs Moses Radio & Weasle

This is set to be the mother of all battles. Come December 06th, 2013 at Kyadondo Rugby Grounds and Entebbe Resort Beach Bebe Cool and Moses Radio & Weasel will have to prove to their many fans who the champion is.Both are talented artists in their own genres of music.  This is guaranteed to be the show that will close the year and a must not miss.

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Thursday, April 03rd, 2014

Breath Away by Radio and Weasel

Off their 2014 album STREET LIGHTS, Breath away is a captivating video shot in South Africa by Ahoy films. Its basically a narration of how a lady blows one away with a her beauty.Radio and Weasel will be launching their Amaaso album on 2nd may 2014 at Hotel Africana.

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