Monday, July 22nd, 2013

Rema Quits Bebe Cool’s Gagamel Crew

Singer Rema has quit Bebe Cool’s Gagamel crew, it has emerged. Self styled Big Size singer Bebe Cool confirmed the development on his Facebook wall by posting, ” I wud like to officially announce the departure of REMA NAMAKULA FROM GAGAMEL TODAY.THE REASONS R three…she got her self a manager out of the group….2 she n her manager and new friends fill she shud launch an album concert and so they sold it without my concent which I disapprove as the one who made her knowing the danger of that n havin had difrent planz…3 as usual there wil alwez be thoz who say they know better than the makers and so a day will alwez come when a child must get on its feet tho it dont mean the baby can run. REMA I WISH U LUCK AND I PRAY ALLAH GUIDES U THRU TO YOUR DREAM.GAGAMEL”. We have further learnt that Bebe Cool was so pissed with the ‘Fire Tonight’ singer for going ahead to organize an album launch without his knowledge. Rema has sold his launch to KT Promotions agency owned by Musa Kavuma.

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