Meet Robbie a.k.a Robinah Mukooza Kaggwa based in Sweden by Julie Erusa

Robbie says, “To any youth or elder that feels that singing is their love, my advice to you is: DO IT, TAKE A CHANCE!!! You never know who might hear you or discover you!”

SShe was born in Bwaise, a suburb to Kampala on the 29th September 1980.
My parents are Mr. Charles Mukooza and Miss. Mariam Ndagire (not the musician they possess similar names), unfortunately they're not together anymore but they are good friends and she can always count on them for their support in whatever she plans for my future.

Robbie moved to Sweden in 1985 with her father and has been living there for about 22years now. She loves Sweden but whenever she visits Uganda, she just does not want to travel back to Sweden at all.

MU: What you been up to in Sweden?

Robbie: Well, I’ve been studying, working and singing (mostly at a younger age). At the moment I work as an assistant nurse in a suburb called Husby. I work at a home for mentally disabled people between the ages of 45-56. It's a great experience and I would encourage others that are interested in working and helping others to try it out. You'll kind of feel fulfilled at heart.
Sometimes when am off I work extra hours at a daycare in Västra Skogen and even that is a great experience.

I began singing at a tender age of 6 and I’ve been doing it ever since. I started out singing at parties and for my family, the number one inspiration source for me at that time was Whitney Houston and she still is. A long side: Mariah Carey, BabyFace, SWV, TLC (as a teenager), Toni Braxton. But lately ever since 2003 I discovered other inspirations in Idia Arie, Erykah Badu, Joss Stone and Kelly Clarkson.

I began singing in my school choir at my school Johannes School in Stockholm, when I was 9,5 I had to change schools because of the long distance from my home so I attended Bussenhus School in Tensta. At this school I became even more active in the music scene.
I kept on singing in the choir and when we used to have school finishing my choir coach always used to ask me to sing solo. I loved the BEATLES song "Yesterday" at that time so that used to be the song I sang in front of the entire school.

I still have a bit of stage fright but with time it shall pass, am just grateful for having my close friend Elvis Kirya aka Vamposs with me on stage. It helps me forget my phobia and when I watch him and see how energetic he is...well then you see a change in me as well.

MU: Tell us about “Get Up”

Robbie: The tune "Get Up" was written in Sweden by me and my best friend Surangi De Abrew Rajapakshe. We were just fooling around playing with words and all of a sudden. Wow, we had written a song together. We contacted our good friend Ishi, who at this moment lives in US and working with big names like Fabulous. He's the one who told me to try out the dancehall voice and when I did, then I got hooked!

Vampass does dancehall as well so the choice of whom I would do the collaboration with.  He is one of the best in Uganda when it comes down to dancehall. I tried to record the song with Surangi but dancehall isn’t her type of tea. So I contacted Elvis and he advised me to go to Fenon Records. Steve Jean listened to our tune and decided to help me out, which am very grateful for.  He made it sound great! At first I couldn't even believe that was me singing. Jackie from Blu'3 helped us out with the vocals and she did a beautiful job.

When it was time to make the video I got in touch with Matt Bish at Media Pro and began shooting the video earlier this year and now it's out on TV Channels such as EATV, Record TV.

MU: What are your plans now?

Robbie:  I'd love do another collaboration with Vamposs but this time we might sing the tune in Luganda. Other artistes I’d like to work with are Peter Miles, Ngoni, my crazy yet beautiful sister Susanna Nava from the Milestones crew and some others.

Robbie Up close

MU: What does Robbie stand for?
Robbie: Robbie stands for fun loving, outgoing, serious yet goofy sometimes type of girl.

MU: What is your philosophy on life?
Robbie: I take life day by day. To be organized is a great idea at times when u think of studies and stuff but one never knows what lies ahead either.

MU: What is your shoe size?
Hahaha. My shoe size is 4.5(UK) and 7(US).

MU: What is your craziest encounter with a fan?
Well I haven't been in the music industry long enough to meet any fans, but am truly grateful for the response I’ve received from my performances at Club Silk.

MU: What CDS are you listening to?
I mostly listen to R'n'B, Reggae, Dancehall and symphony orchestras.
My CD collection has artists such as India Arie, Luther Vandross, Mary J Blige, Richie Spice, Jah Cure and so on.

MU: What are your favorite drinks?
Ribena and African tea with ginger.

MU: What are your favorite perfumes?
DG Light Blue and Issey Miyake.

MU: Who would you like to do acollaboration with?
I'd like to do a collaboration with my sister Suzaana Naava, Peter Miles and continue doing collaborations with my blood Vamposs.

MU: What makes you laugh?
A good comedy and sometimes stupid goofy things.

MU: What makes you cry?
Seeing people suffer. Poverty, Racism and when I remember the close ones I’ve lost in my life. May their souls rest in peace?

MU: What is your stand for the Youth? Abstinence or Condom use and why?
Hmmm, I say always use a condom. Because the truth is many youths will not abstain. Make sure you always carry a condom in your wallet or handbag, if your partner doesn't have one then at least you are wise enough to protect both of you.

MU: Are you seeing someone?
No comments for now.

MU: Where do you see yourself 5 yrs from now?
Hopefully I’ll be done with my studies. Am planning to either study Political Science or continue with my nursing degree. But when it comes to my music let us just say I’ll be taking it day by day with God's helping hand.

MU: Many musicians seldom deviate into doing movies as they take breaks between recording albums. Do you have plans to do so?
Funny u asked. Earlier this year I got an offer to participate in a Nigerian movie in Germany but unfortunately I was unable to travel because of my job. But if I have the luck again then maybe, why not?

MU: What is the first thing you do in the morning?
I brush my teeth.

MU: What is your favorite color?
Any color that enhances the beauty of my brown skin.

MU: What type of man would you like or what would you like in a man?
He should be understanding, respectful, sense of humor, honest, intelligent and clean

MU: What is your most trying moment?
Just making it in the music business is trying, but one has to be firm and stick to your goals.

MU: Where do you call home?
Home to me is Sweden/Uganda/UK because home is where my loved ones are.

MU: What are your best moments?
I grew up with my father Charles in Sweden and my mother Mariam Ndagire was still in Uganda. So in 1989 my mother and I were reunited in Kampala so that for me is one of my best moments. Another one is when I after 14years had the chance to meet my grandparents again in Nyenga, the year was 2003 sadly my grandfather passed away later that year. In my heart am at ease because I had the opportunity to see him once again.

I'd like to thank my friends and family for supporting me in these path of life.