Meet Sera Lubowa – Miss Uganda USA

Sera Lubowa was born September 11, 1986 in Kampala, Uganda to Dorothy and Asumani Lubowa and is the Grand-daughter of Daniel and Joyce Sebugwawo. At a very young age, Sera was determined to become something BIG! "My mom says that I never played with toys. I was always drawn to the radio and entertained myself," she says.  When she was 6 years old, Sera moved to Paris, France and then to Texas to live with her mother who had moved away earlier. At age 7, Sera was enrolled in Kendal Dance Studio to learn Ballet and Jazz.  School was fun for me. I always woke up early from the excitement of going to my classes. I loved learning and being in a new world kept me alert! But Dancing is what centered me. In dance class, I could be free!" says Sera.

In 10th Grade, Sera helped create the L.D. Bell Steppers at L.D. Bell High school. Along with 7 other girls, they helped transform the school into a fun environment for Africa American students. Later on, Sera became the Captain of the team and helped lead them to a legacy of Champions. "That's when I realized that I LOVED performing in front of people."

While in High School, Sera was enrolled at KD Studio Actors Conservatory in Dallas, TX. As she graduated with honors from L.D. Bell at age 17, she also graduated from K.D Studio with a Performing Arts Degree in Acting, Singing, and Dance.
She continued on to dance and soon mixed Hip-Hop dance into her style. "I was always so proper growing up. When I discovered Hip-Hop, I transformed into a stronger, more confident person."

After her newly found style, Sera began appearing in music videos and magazines. One day, by accident, she was spotted at a club photo shoot and was then introduced into the Modeling world. "I never wanted to be a model; I didn't think I would like it at all. Now that I am classified as one, I'm glad to represent it in my own flavorful way!"

In 2007, Lubowa was contacted about running for Miss Uganda USA, she declined it at first but after trying out, she was crowned Miss Uganda USA 2007-2008 and later went on to compete in the Miss Africa USA Pageant. "I had been given a chance to represent my country, Uganda. I had to show the rest of the world that beauty can be seen and felt in different ways. You don't have to have light skin, and be skinny to be beautiful. You don't have to like the same things that other people your age like. And you don't have to follow the paths of those around you. Set your own path, and don't feel bad when people try to discourage you!"

Sera has now launched her website, and is working with various foundations like Invisible Children, Children On A Mission and KACI & I to help promote education and safety for children in Uganda and in The USA.   She has been featured in such magazines as POA Magazine, Basic Magazine, BHF Magazine and many more.

Sera plans to visit Uganda this December for the first time in 15 years.  She plans to build a dance school and other businesses to secure a strong future for Uganda and the girls that remind her of herself.  "I've experienced a great deal disappointments in my short life, but one thing I can carry with me is the promise that GOD gave me...the promise of Peace. That's all I need in life. You may go through hard times but as long as you have that love for yourself, Peace will come and save the day. Thank you all for your support! I feel like I'm on top of the world”.

SERA~ Model, Actor, Singer, Dancer, Child of Christ.

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