Sheena, a Ugandan artist based in the US is set to perform with Ndanda Kosovo and The Boston Band at The Kampala Club, Waltham MA on June 18th 2005 (details on the poster above)
Below is a previus article we did on her last year
Sheena is a new US based Ugandan artist that has just released her debut self-titled album, "Sheena". The album was recorded and mastered in the states by Congolese producers who gave the music an authentic Congolese/Central african feel. The audio is already in Kampala and plans for distribution are under way.
Now as we speak, Sheena is in the process of shooting a video. When it is ready, she is going on tour with her producers to Dar es Salam and other places in East Africa before she finally comes down to Kampala. She says the process of making making the new album has been exciting and inspirational and she is now ready to take advantage of Uganda's now-developing music industry.

Word from Shina...

This album contains African beats guaranteed to make Sheena's fans get up out of their seats, and move their feet! "SHINA" is a project that has been in the making for quite awhile. I have put my heart and soul into my music, and I definitely believe that all my African people will enjoy it, as well as my soon-to-be fans across the globe. I primarily produced this album myself, and assisted with some of the background vocals on the album as well, along with some American, and other African artists. I truly believe that "SHINA" will be a timeless album that will please all that listen.
Now! For a Limited Time only, you can purchase my first album for the low introductory price of just 12.99 - and that's with shipping included! That's right! Purchase my album now, and shipping is absolutely FREE! If I can answer any question you may have about me or my music, just e-mail me by clicking on the link below.
Thank You all so Much!
For more information about how to purchase the CD and to read more about her, visit her website at