Spot 6 sports bar lights up Jinja: Words by ‘Tha Puzzle’
Sometimes when Kampala gets hectic, it is always wise to go and check out some new places located out of town. One such place is Spot 6 sports bar located along Jinja’s main street.

Sports 6 has managed to brand itself to its clientele that storm it from allover Uganda as a classy bar with dedication to the best service in the region. It’s no wonder therefore that on any average day you’ll find Jinja’s corporate class, regular patrons as well as high class civil servants enjoying a drink at the place, the bar man comes through with quite an amiable character always serving with an evident smile and Barbra one of the bar proprietors seated with close buddies as she monitors the goings on at the place. She too comes through as a friendly and accommodative character always ready to assist out at the bar. Also attractive about sport 6 is the fact that many of the revelers at the bar always come through as fashion conscious persons and it is therefore not rare to sport different designer labels worn by the bars clientele. As always the bar reserves the right of admission and security is always alert should anybody perhaps get to drunk and out of hand. The drink prices are not alarming at all for the average Ugandan clientele and are therefore pocket friendly. The disc jockey at hand blends a fine selection of music ranging from Ugandan music, to rock to r’n’b to techno to rock giving the reveler enough reason to shake and groove.

The bar is artistically decorated with different country flags and thus lending it a comfortable international look just in case there’s a guess with a need to feel close to home. As always at times sport 6 hosts different brand promotions where clients are in position to win goodies.” Sport 6 is ultimately one of Uganda’s best bar experiences especially for the new reveler.” says Barbra one of the bars caretakers.

Sport 6 also boasts of a spacious interior enough even for a “happening night” that could welcome a number of clientele like on weekends. The pool area is one of the most visited areas located near the back of the premise with pool enthusiasts and fans that seldom pass time away shooting at the game. One other close observation is the number of girls that seem to play the game quite well as compared to any other Ugandan bar. If you’re a guy you might wish not to loose a game to the ladies as in some circles this is viewed as blasphemy so the guys seldom struggle to win the games but many a time are beaten by the girls. The bar is always open for most of the night with many clients pushing out till the wee hours of the morning. So the next time you’re in the eastern Ugandan town of Jinja remember sport 6 as one of the funkiest bars in Uganda with dedication to quality service. The next time don’t say you didn’t know where to visit while on your Junta trip.

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