Steak Out

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Steak Out Limited
Plot 50, Lumumba Avenue, Nakasero


Madness at Steak-out rock night.

If you’ve watched the movie titanic and saw how hands stretched out for help in the waters as the people drowned then you have a rough idea of how the hands stretch out to find a bottle of beer at the counter every Thursday night at steak out bar. Yes welcome to Rock night.

After years of struggle it seems rock has now been fully accepted as a genre on its own in Kampala. This you can tell by the droves of “hip” people that flock the steak out rock nite each Thursday. If it is not on demand how else you do explain the fact that it can take you a cool quarter hour just to access your favorite drink. It’s practically a hustle. You can tell that the bar man really needs a helper. From skimpily dressed university girls from Makerere University, K.I.U, Makerere Business School (MUBS) to recording artists, fashion show offs, accented youth, foreign tourists (summers) to the corporate world. Whether it is the rock music that pulls them to the venue or the dames for the males your answer is as good as mine. Because you can tell that some of the guys are only looking out for the finest looking girls just to say... hi! And yes indeed when one is easy enough to fall for the guys antics they’ll leave immediately to an unknown destination.

Steak Out Pub Review by Katarzyna Heath

I was told to visit Steak out on a Friday as it was meant to be particularly lively at the weekend, and this certainly boded true. As my group hurtled down Lumumba Avenue in another hair-raising Boda experience we could hear the music growing louder and louder as we neared. Having entered though tight security (strictly no cameras permitted) we were escorted to our table. The dining area is enclosed behind a wicker screen which meant you weren’t part of the bar action but on a plus point it did give you some privacy.