One on one with Stocky Pearl by Isaac Ssejjombwe.

On Listening to Stocky’s voice, one wonders why this soft outspoken artist has taken long to realize how good she is when it comes to music. With the fast growing music industry, Stocky has the ego; perseverance and enthusiasm to one day make it big not only in Uganda but the whole Diaspora. Music Uganda caught up with the burgeoning artist and had this to say.

Who is Stocky Pearl?

Stocky Pearl whose real names are Diana Esther Kintu is a 33 year old, married with three children and the 1st born out of four children. I was born in Uganda but mostly lived in Sweden for now 18 years.

Why that name?

I chose that name simply because I wanted to identify with the two most important countries in my life that is Stocky from the capital city of Sweden Stockholm and Pearl because Uganda is the Pearl of Africa.

When did you start your music career?

My music journey hasn’t been long because I started professional singing last year in July and since then have I released a number of hits.

Why did you choose music as your career?

Well I believe music has always been part of me and if I can remember well, I used to participate in school choirs and that is how I got the belief that one day I’ll do music as my profession.

What is your dream in the music industry?

(Thinks hard) I have this dream of making people appreciate who I am and I believe delivering cating and entertaining music is the key to this.

There is a lot of competition in the industry. What is your strategy towards this…..?

I’ve always heard there is much competition in Uganda when it comes to music but my goal is to penetrate the industry and I’m going to do this by being versatile.
So far, I’ve been able to perform with Juliana and Weasel and Radio during their visit to Sweden which gave me a stepping stone.

How do you categorize your music?

Because of my versatility, I do all kinds of music ranging from reggae, R$B, Kidandali, raga plus many more.

How many albums/ songs do you have?

This is my first album and it has 5 tracks which include: Attractive, Choice, Mbasibula, My love for you and Nkwagala but there are still two other tracks I’m still working on and if all goes well, they’ll be ready by next month.

Who inspired you to join this industry?

It’s just not one person, but various people like Juliana, Iryn Namubiru, Mariam Ndagire and Charity Masembe.

Many artists allover the world buy songs and others go ahead to plagiarize, How do you come up with you songs?

Currently, I’m still buying songs from music composers like Charity Masembe, Annet Nabatanzi among others but in the near future, I will begin composing my own.

Which studio are you currently using for your music?

Charity records is the studio I’m using currently and Senfumka is the man behind my hits and things concerning my videos is that all of them were shot in Uganda

Besides music, what else are you venturing in?

Well besides music, I’m a nurse at a hospital in Sweden and that aside; I’m also an aerobics instructor and a massaging expert.

How are you able to juggle three jobs, music yet you also have a family to look after?

I believe mutual understanding is the key to my marriage because my husband fully understands that music has always been part of me and with such kinds of jobs, I work on different shifts thus giving me ample time to allocate my duties within the hours available.

What are some of the challenges u have so far faced in the music industry?

Umm, getting good producers is one challenge since I’m doing different styles and translating some words in Luganda is another problem but the main challenge is songs from composers is too expensive.

Many artists especially in Uganda have risen to stardom through beef, are going to use the same technique!

To be different in the industry, I’m willing to have peace with all musicians and I believe I’ll do more collaborations with established artists like Jose Chameleon, Juliana, Iryn, Sylver Kyagulanyi, Weasel and Radio plus Henry Tigan.

Were do you see yourself 5 years from now!

In 5 years time, I see myself as an established artist. One of the big artists who will be able to represent Uganda on the international level.

What should your fans expect from you now that you have broken out in the industry?

Well my fans should expect good music that is filled with love, education and information and I urge all of them to be patient and supportive towards me.

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