Meet Tha Mith

Real Names: Tom Mayanja
Member of Klear Kut

About Klear Kut

Tha Mith is a young Ugandan who is all about family and music and just wants to live life to the fullest. Tha Mith is also one of the founder members of the Hip-Hop group known as Klear Kut “KK” that was founded in 1999.
Klear Kut  in 1999 was just a group of friends who enjoyed rap in 2000 if became officially known as Klear Kut and consisted of 5 members; JB, Langman, Navio, Papito and Tha Mith. Right now KK is working on 4 projects; the Klear Kut Album and three solo projects which include Navio’s album: African Hustler Music, Tha Mith’s Album: Week of September and Papito’s album.

We Should go ft Navio
Air UG - Klear Kut
Fresh Klear Kut ft P UNIT
Agamba Ki ft Nonini
Toast to Life ft Unique