The King's musicians - Royalist music of Buganda

This first paragraph comes from the back of the CD case:-

"Possibly no other African kingdom maintained such a rich variety of musical ensembles at their courts as the kabakas of Buganda. For several centuries their kingdom was the largest and most powerful state in central frica and their palaces resounded throughout each day with music. Here is a unique sample of this musical richness featuring the two different xylophone ensembles (entamiivu and akadinda), the royal flute players (abalere ba kabaka), the songs of the king’s harpist (omunnanga) and lyre players (abadongo) as well as praise drumming and dancing. In 1966 the kingdom was suppressed by Prime Minister Obote and Kabaka Muteesa fled into exile and died there. Though some of the old musicians gave an ecstatic welcome to Mutebi when he returned in 1987 the palace ensembles have yet be revived and some of this music may become little more than a dim memory."

This compilation is by Dr. Peter Cooke  

'Village Ensembles from Busoga' by Peter Cooke 

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