The Reggae Black Prophets Band

Was initiated by Rob Prophet A.K.A Mr. Robert Kanoonya in Johannesburg South Africa in November 2007. The group was highly supported by all races hence our managers being Asians, whites and Blacks.  The Roots Reggae Electrifying Band plays live performances exactly the way you listen to the Music Audio and videos CDs with more sensitive touching Messages similar to that of Lucky Dube.  The Prophets as a band we are from all over Southern Africa that is to say Malawi, South Africa, Namibia and Botswana. We have recorded 20 Tracks so far 10 in Ganda and in the next 2 to 3 months one of our managers will be coming over to market the Album. The Music was recorded in Ganda (8 tracks), Swahili  (1 track) and soga (1 track) languages because the leading vocalist is a Ganda by tribe and a Ugandan by nationality. 10 songs are in English intending to break though the International Market and this English Album will be marketed in Johannesburg South Africa.

What is the Music all about?

The prophets we play Music with message, to be delivered to Jah Children and as most people know about Reggae Music, it’s all about daily happenings (the things that happen to our neighbors and to us our selves).

The Group Members.

Rob Prophet is the writer, the arranger and the Leading Vocalist. Ralph Ching’amba is the Producer and the leading keyboardists, Limbani Chibwana is the second Keyboardist, Paul Chokani is the Drama, Paul Mponda is the Percussionist, Chimbota Euphram is the basist, Taku Chokani is the lead Guitarist, Memory Thindo is the backup vocalist, Elizabeth Medi backup vocalist, Nina Williams Backup Bocalist, Peter, John and Patrick are the wizards of the wind instruments, making a total number of 13 minus the managers and Sound Engineers.

Rob and Sound Engineer

What the Prophets do Besides Music?

We are all educated and working in big professional offices, Most of us are professional engineers and some are doing other professional work a reason as to why we do not travel so much because of the responsibilities.

Our Traveling Schedules.

Apparently we have not yet started taking tours outside southern Africa because of our professional jobs we do, but after launching the International Album in South Africa and the Ganda Album in Uganda then we will reconsider the deals to perform internationally who knows even Uganda we shall come.
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