Alan Kisaka of "The Strangers" Band

By MusicUganda Reporter

Alan Kisaka has been involved with Christian Music since 1971 in Kampala. He had a group then called "The Revivals" that was one of the pioneering contemporary Christian bands at that time... In fact he thinks they may have been the first true CCM band at the time in Uganda. The members included Kwame and Sekou Rubadiri (sons of noted African poet laureate Prof. David Rubadiri), Shannon Tito, Douglas Kisaka and himself

After moving to the States in the late 70s, he continued in the same.. with groups like Crystal Faith (which was essentially a regrouping of the Revivals in the states). In the 80s, he was in a band called "The JC Band" which was led by Jimmy Calhoun who played in many famous bands including Jimmy Hendrix and Sly and the family stone. In conjunction with being in a band, Allan was always involved in praise and worship as well.

For the last 18 years he has been an Associate Pastor at a church called Hope Chapel in Hermosa Beach CA where he has been given charge of the music ministry for the last 13 years. In 1998 he formed The Strangers band with two other members in the church who are also in the music ministry. In 2000 they were in Uganda and played a few concerts at the National Theatre and at a few other venues around town.

In 2001 they ministered in New York after 9/11 bringing hope to the rescue workers there. They continue to write and minister wherever they have opportunity. As far as the challenges are concerned, Allan thinks it's important to be steadfast and unwavering in ones commitment when it comes to music.

Allan adds, "I think a lot of people want quick results and they bail out before their potential is realized. It takes time for a gift to mature and with a steady focus and good nurturing it will blossom. Keeping a band focused and not distracted with petty issues is one of the biggest challenges any band leader will face. You have to keep reminding yourselves of your basic mission and why you are doing what you are doing. All in all if you stick to it. If you have "through vision" you will see a measure of success that will be very rewarding to you. Most of all if your mission is bigger than your selves... i.e it's driven by God's purpose for you and you are totally committed to that purpose.. you will see heavenly results".

For additional info, check out their website at Grace and Peace