Timothy S Kizito

Timothy S. Kizito is the main Producer/Engineer of Bantu Production Studios with 15 years of experience in African contemporal, Pop, R&B, Hip hop and Ragge music.

In his words...

All that I am thinking of is redefining society by bringing change in changes and affirming to my commitment of these values and test the power of effective changes. Some of those changes are reflected in producers/engineers and actors of whom I have encouraged to learn and taught audio engineering, like:

TShaka Mayanja Nkangi in the UK, Mukalazi in the UK, Kazibwe in Uganda, Ken Lubwama who took over Kasiwukira Studios, Steve Jean in VR Promotions, G. Lubulwa, Eddie Yawe who now owns a recording studio in Uganda, Judy, Andrew, Bwana wa kazi James Kasilivu and many others.

I play lead, Bass guitar, keyboard and any african musical instrument. For all your video or Audio recordings, Mastering, Composition arrangment, CD and Tape reproduction, On-site recording, church service recordings, seminars and workshops in both audio and video. We make it our business to achieve your goals with our teamwork, dedication, time investment, ability and availability of our staff. All you will have to do, focus on your audience, customers and your company's performance. Kkad75 will help you and ensure your success, protect your interests, vision, and your new ideas as well as your investments. Wherever you are, whatever your need is, Kkad75 is always there for you.

With our experience, we have learned how to turn dreams to reality and risks into personal and business opportunities. This, of course is possible with the help and knowledge of professionals, experienced business consultants, directors, producers and engineers of Kkad75. Surely, these leaders are now turning ash into gold.

If you’ve always wanted a higher level, we can help you get your dream off the ground. With our collaborative, interactive sessions with you and the extensive research of our professionals you will be able to attain your goals.

It is not how many ideas you have, its how many you make happen and that’s what matters to us. So whether it’s your idea or someone’s, we’ll help you turn innovations into results. The staff of Kkad75 will be with you in every step of the way throughout the end.