Toniks finally opens up!!

Toniks a.k.a Allan Ampaire chose the name Toniks with a friend called Norbert. Toniks is from Tones and Semi Tones. Songs are created from tones. He did not want to create names from animals, cars or cut his name short. (his name cannot be cut short, Toniks is unique.

Allan believes that as much there should be planning everything happens the way it is supposed to happen, there is no accident and thus takes one day at a time. To many, Allan sounds like Kevin Lyttle; he would not like to sound like a Kevin wanna be and he is not among the people he looks up to, not crazy over him at all. It’s just a coincidence that they sound alike and there is nothing he can do about it.

For Allan singing was always a hobby, he would never participate voluntarily in music in school till he joined secondary school, when he was allowed to perform the music he liked. With the help of his mum, he learnt the guitar. He went to Kings College Budo where he met Norbert and Lillian who were all members of the school Band.

Tugende Tukyeekole Nkutwaale
510 ft Tony Smalls Niwe
Swag Meter ft Roberto Ningyenda Yoona
January to December ft O.S Kyaweede
Regular ft Navio Kampala Galz
Rescue me ft Moses Radio & Weasle I'll be there
Money buy me love ft Gal Level Beera Nange
Yenze Nze Wuwo
Xmas with you Nsuubiza
That Gyal